How to legally bottle and sell my own juice?

kham83 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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I have an idea for a drink that I think I want to bottle and sell. I've looked online but cannot find anything on what legal procedures I need to do so. I'm not talking about trademarks and starting a business things, but what permissions I need to obtain to sell something people consume. Any help is...

5 Answers

Judy 12/07/2017.

Start with your local health department

Elaine M 12/07/2017.

Start googling 'bringing a new juice drink to market in the US'.

Ally 12/07/2017.

Firstly, the depends on where you live. Every city has a different regulation. Then you must take a food safe test, which is a standardized state/provincial test that you can take online. If you get a certain mark (at least 70% where I can handle food that people can consume. But to be certain, check your city website about vendors permits.

Luis 12/07/2017.

You should reach out to a distributor.

rick29148 12/07/2017.

You'd have to pass an FDA food processors inspection.................................