Is the weird to fail the same class twice in college?

Anonymous 12/07/2017. 4 answers
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CarolOklaNola 11/22/2017.

No, not at all for some people. That is why many college and schools allow to retake some courses only 2 or 3 times, because people DO fail the SAME course multiple times.

i withdrew from linear algebra , which as calculus 3 co-requisite, 3 times. i withdrew from physical chemistry 3 times at TWO different universities because the math was mind warping. I am not dumb or stupid in math testing anxiety and I am SLOW to compared to other people. but managed to take pass 5 SEMESTERS of calculus...I flunked second semester physics and i REFUSED to retake the class. My academic adviser just raised one eyebrow and signed all my registration forms for the next term.I graduated in good academic standing and was accepted to graduate school.

rejectedsoul 11/22/2017.

depends on the class and your work ethic. I had issues with a Math class and rather than fail it I dropped it three times.

Dan S 11/22/2017.

Less partying bro. You got this.

Casseus 11/22/2017.

depends on the class