I suspect my wife has been faking her orgasms for the past 3 years. Should I confront her?

Anonymous 12/07/2017. 7 answers
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No Mercy 12/07/2017.

if u only "suspect2 she is faking it it means u have never had a woman orgasm with u. because if u had u would know how it feels and nobody can fake it. a clue: a woman moaning "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah" does not mean she is having an orgasm.

shawn 12/07/2017.

You may think you're King of the Sheets, but the reality is that most women have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives, and most men have ... The general reaction you've gotten in the past has been notably more subdued, and now you've got a woman shouting dirty nothings into your ear as you go ...

Barb Outhere 12/07/2017.

Consider the consequences of confronting her. Some possibilities are:-

You find out you are a lousy lover, and she is unable to get off with you because you do so badly at it. Your ego is crushed.

You get told you are no longer attractive to her sexually, for whatever reason.

You are wrong about this and give her a complex about how you think she is supposed to be in bed. So she keeps second guessing herself and is then actually unable to reach the "O" because of it.

She laughs at you because you got it wrong. Then wonders why you are thinking that way, and begins to look at YOU differently. Maybe wondering who you are comparing her with?

She makes you aware that its what's going on OUTSIDE of the bedroom that is stopping her from feeling good in it. So lets you know you have to work on the relationship IF you want better in the bedroom.

It could be that she knows that if she doesn't fake it, you are going to keep going, even if its not working for her, so fakes it so you will finish off and not leave her rubbed raw and frustrated.

Porn has given you false expectations of what an orgasm is for the individual woman - some are screamers and some are not. So she tells you to give up the porn - or else.

You have to consider if your expectations of how often you have sex is at the root of her faking it. Maybe she is doing it so you don't feel guilty about making her do what she doesn't really want to, because she wants YOU to be happy, and then you have to deal with the fact that to her you are selfish in the bedroom.

There are outside factors - hormones, stress, the kids, whatever - and now she knows you know she's faking it she stops trying and you get a woman who doesn't even seem to like sex with you.

Your expectations are that she will orgasm every time regardless you have sex putting pressure on her to fake it to avoid the whole "What the hell went wrong with that?" sort of questions. Then you might find that, even if she does want you, she's not going to get there every time. Then that has become a vicious cycle where faking it is easier than telling you what/when isn't working.

So you can "confront" her, but be prepared to deal with the possibilities. If you don't want to, don't stir that particular nest of ants.

lala 12/07/2017.

If you know a woman body

she cannot fake a orgasm without you noticing

There a big difference between a real orgasm and a fake one

But 3 yrs ? I do not think any woman can fake a orgasm 3yrs

51 yrs of marriage

my 2 cents 12/07/2017.

She's been faking them longer than that.

Your Uncle Dodge! 12/07/2017.

What do you gain from this? What do you lose? We cannot tell you what to do.

sexy troll 12/07/2017.

yes if it bothers you so much