Laptop is sort of broken (the screen)?

cade 12/07/2017. 4 answers
Computers & Internet Hardware

Is there any way I could use another monitor for my laptop? The screen doesn’t work but everything else seems to. It’s shut down right now.

4 Answers

Spock (rhp) 11/19/2017.

if it has the output jack required, it can just plug into any other monitor and should work fine

Billy 11/19/2017.

Of course. All laptops have it where you can attach an external monitor. How else do you think laptops are used with projectors to do presentations? Those projectors are just a type of monitor. They attach to the monitor port.

OPENALL 11/19/2017.

Connect it to an external monitor.

mark 11/19/2017.

if it has some sort of hdmi, rgb or vga then plug that from laptop to tv and it should use that as a display