I was accused for a school shooting threat.?

Jordan 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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Okay so here’s the deal, I sit next to a kid in class, he’s only a friend during school. He got me a job, we don’t talk much outside of school and I’m fact I’ve never actually hung out with him outside of school. And the only time I talk to him outside of school is at work. I’m a junior In Highschool. Im in 5th...

5 Answers

Anonymous 12/07/2017.


2. Tell your parents.

3. Hire a lawyer.

4. Sue the hell out of everyone!

Gypsyfish 12/07/2017.

You need a lawyer, who can get what you told the police thrown out as evidence. They have the record of exactly when these messages were sent- if you have proof of being somewhere else at that time, you're in the clear.

mark 12/07/2017.

Im guessing they are both telling lies and making you out to be the one who did it. just whatever you do never change your story and tell them you swear you're being framed. if there's absolutely no proof of you doing it, there's really nothing they can do

Panda 12/07/2017.

by law the police can't question you without a parent present. so have them fight it.

®Pruϟϟian Δ Blue™ 12/07/2017.

Hire a lawyer..


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