Do you watch the CW Archie series "Riverdale"?

Billy 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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Back in the 40s & 50s, I was a faithful reader of the Archie comic book and the ONLY resemblance the series has to the comic book is that Veronica is still the most beautiful female in Riverdale.

Other than that, there is No resemblance whatsoever.

What do you think?

5 Answers

Anonymous 12/08/2017.

I rather liked the CW show. Archie was kind of useless but I liked Jughead, Betty, the Pussycats, and especially Veronica. How else would you adapt the comics in a way that's interesting to modern audiences?

Unknown Guy 12/07/2017.

No, but I've seen clips and trailers, and solely based on those alone, it's quite obvious that CW's Riverdale is a bastardization of the original. CW's Riverdale ruins the entire point of what makes the Archie series what it was.

Entropy 12/07/2017.

I didn't read Archie nor do I watch Riverdale. I however saw a promo interview, and Riverdale is not MEANT to be a faithful reproduction. It's a complete re-imagining.

John 12/07/2017.

no, i watched the archie cartoon a ton at like 6 am before getting ready for school, i can't watch something that perverts archie like that

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

I watched first season and could not look away because it was such an atrocity. Just awful stuff.