Did you vote for President Trump?

Brian 08/22/2017. 90 answers
Politics & Government Elections

I voted for him and support him. He's a great man and I'm tired of trying to have to hide the fact that I am a Trump voter.

90 Answers

? 08/11/2017.

TBH yes I did

Steven 08/11/2017.

Yes, I voted for him.

And now the dislikes

kim 08/11/2017.

I also did, hes not the smartest guy, but he has the common sense to move the country in the rught direction, by what he says and Hillary is just a disaster

Joseph 08/11/2017.

Yes I did, I was no fan at the beginning of the election, but the favoritism Hillary enjoyed from the press, the DNC cheating Bernie out of the Primary, the sheep from the democrat party just letting her get away with a rigged primary,,,,,,had to vote for Trump.

Scooby 08/11/2017.

I'm not of age too, but if I was eligible, yes, I would.

Anna 08/11/2017.

I didn't vote.

Musa 08/11/2017.

I don't vote because all politician are all crooked. They think on themselves on how to become richer. Look at Clinton daughter. She never held a dam job. Look at Trump family. How many time he file bankruptcy? the list goes on and on.

joseph 08/11/2017.

Yes i will vote President Trump.

jim 08/11/2017.

Too bad your all loosers

Melancholy ☾ 08/11/2017.

Yes, I voted for him.

Ismar 08/11/2017.

Dont like neighter him or Hillary. The last good president US had was JFK and every after him was a mationette. Ron Paul seemed cool but he's never gonna run, however his son is a total jerk for supporting Israhell

Emmaleee 08/11/2017.

Absolutely not! I'm not old enough, but if I was, I wouldn't have voted for him. No offense to people who did, but I think that he's just an idiot. That thing about how he's not allowing tansgender people to be in the military is terrible.

Const. King 08/11/2017.

Of course, he is 2000 times better than that useless corrupt lying piece of trash Hillary who is only concerned about her own bank account. If she were in she would have already sold the U.S. to North Korea.

Taufiq 08/11/2017.

I didn't

Not a Hillary or an Obama Fan 08/11/2017.

You betcha Red Ryder. Him Plenty good.

Anonymous 08/11/2017.

As a black man I didn't vote like Colin Kaepernick

Codie 08/11/2017.

Yep. And glad I did. The alternative would have been untenable.

Mr.Longrove 08/11/2017.

I did. Better him in the White House than Hillary Clinton.

chad 08/11/2017.

Yes. Lol hide? Never hide. You need to stand up to bullies. Take karate lessons

Anonymous 09/11/2017.

i cant vote

Solitary Wiccan 08/11/2017.

No I voted for Hilary Clinton

Anonymous 08/11/2017.

No, he doesn't care about the country, he only cares for himself.

bloodresident 08/11/2017.

Yes, I am not going to lie. I voted for him.

Proud Deplorable 08/11/2017.

That's something you don't ever wanna hide. I voted for Trump myself and if anyone asks, i'll gladly tell them

dulan 08/11/2017.


Nosmo 08/11/2017.

Hell, no, I am not that gullible.

Justin Thyme 08/11/2017.

I voted against Hillary Clinton, Trump was not my favorite candidate but HRC was and is totally unworthy to be President.

rip 08/11/2017.

You are an idiot if you voted for him. Hillary sadly was the lesser of two evils.

Sam 08/11/2017.

I voted for him and I will in 2020

Russ in NOVA 08/11/2017.

Of course not, that would have been idiotic. I voted for the only REAL conservative on my ballot with actual experience: Evan McMullin.

Trump is everything that he complains about the opposition, but ten times worse.

He is a terrible liar with a poor temperament, totally unprepared for the job, and no clue what he is doing even after 6 months.

He is ultra narcissistic and would rather watch cable television news to see what they are saying about him, than getting real briefings as President.

He is far more crooked than Hillary, companies are getting rich off of the taxpayer money or the deals he is making.

He is a such a terrible leader that half the people that voted from no longer support him. He claims to not to want to give terrorist clues to our troop movements, but he will confirm classified information in social media and share it with the Russia.

Don't forget he is also a bigot and a misogynist.

Trump is not a true believer in conservatism. He is a left-leaning businessman that got fed an alt-right BS agenda and has learned that if he parrots it in rallies, there is a certain class of clueless people that love him...and that is all he really cares about. He cannot and will not deliver on many of his promises.

Being born rich and getting richer on the backs of the common man does not make someone great. There is nothing about him that is great. A great person is someone that a parent would want their child to grow up and be like.

It's OK if you are a Trump voter, but if you are a STILL Trump supporter, then either you have not been paying attention or you have not gotten your priorities straight. I would be very embarrassed if I were you right now.

d 08/11/2017.

Oh yeah!

Anonymous 08/11/2017.


Mir Quasem 08/11/2017.


Anonymous 08/11/2017.

Cool guy

slugger 08/11/2017.


Misty 08/11/2017.

I don't live in your country but there is no way I would have voted for him.

Jerel 08/11/2017.

No I didn't vote for him or Hilary Clinton, they're both a complete waste of time.

Rodela 08/11/2017.

I'm not of age too, but if I was eligible, yes, I would.

Mike 08/11/2017.


kitbibb 08/11/2017.

It's pretty sad when all you hear is gloom and doom on the news,

Danny 08/11/2017.

Bow your head in shame

Jerry S 08/11/2017.

no way

Bruce 08/11/2017.

No. Just look at what he has said.

You should admit your mistake now.

Otherwise, please write down why you like him, and save the document for you grandchildren, etc. to see when they study Psychology.

Soft 08/11/2017.

" Cool guy "

Maximus 08/11/2017.

I voted for Clinton and live in the Republican state of Texas and I never hide who I voted for, I also through my business come across Trump voters all the time, some are ok and some get angry, but we usually agree on something in the end!

If you think he is right then at last have the balls to defend your vote! And please don't tell me you are bothered about the hate!

The thing is to communicate your concerns and hopefully learn something at the same time, Clinton supporters are just ordinary people and so are Trump supporters, and we have a lot more in common with each other than we do with either Trump OR Clinton!!!

Sally 08/11/2017.

I wrote in Eric Matthre Frein. However I believe Trump is less evil than Hillary. But that is not saying much. 99% of the people on this Earth are less evil than Hillary. Hillary is every bit the dirt bag John McCain is.

Kate 08/11/2017.

No. never mind, I am sure things will improve for you in time.

marina_breeze 08/11/2017.

Nope. Trump lies a lot but just told his base what they wanted to hear - blame everyone else for their problems. And if you can't be open with the fact that you voted for him - sounds like you're ashamed for good reason.

mad 08/11/2017.

yes.. only because he was the lesser of 2 evils... I also like his plan to cut down illegal immigration and create jobs.. both which are still TBD.

gondolfi 08/11/2017.

I voted for Trump who is being Harassed by Corrupt Media and Democrats who are unable digest their Defeat even after 10 Months!

IndependentDownTheMiddle 08/11/2017.

Yes. I voted for him. As an Independent I liked his policies a lot better than Hillarys and I will prob vote for him again just because that is what the bias media is pushing everyone to do. Calling us all racist and KKK members. I voted Obama in 2008 so yeah I MUST be a racist.

Reynaldo Weeks 08/11/2017.

You and the rest of the uneducated white trash better get used to it, bubba.

judith 08/11/2017.

yes, and i will again

Tina 08/11/2017.

Sure did... and glad I did.

david 08/11/2017.

thought why not give him a chance to stop isis and fix the problems in America

Periferalist 08/11/2017.

Hell no! He's a d-bag and disgrace to the human race.

Kevin 08/11/2017.

As a mixed race man living in Illinois. Yes I did vote for Trump.

jpopelish 08/11/2017.

Did you watch his whiny, lying ****-show,

in Phoenix, last night?

People were leaving,

all through it,

looking very dejected.

If you support him,

tell us what he is doing

that you like.



John Popelish

malibububu 08/11/2017.

donald trump is a ******* idiot. please re consider next time. I'm not telling you to be a liberal but donald trump is an embarrassment to our country. do you want to be a nice person? then don't support him. PLEASE. its people like him that are wrong with our country? do you support white supremacy? because he does. do you support fascism? because he does. are you homophobic, racist, hateful? if your not. then try to understand that by supporting donald trump, you are supporting these things. its a matter of good and bad here, not a matter of political views. which you should think is scary. and if you don't, then please try to look into yourself and think about how ****** UP all that **** is.

Weasel McWeasel 08/11/2017.

hell no.

So, explain to me please.......why did you vote for a racist Birther for president, and please.........leave Hillary out of your answer. (you could have voted for any of the other 16 GOP candidates)

WHY did you vote for a man, who claimed repeatedly, that Obama was born in Kenya......and then expect any intelligence out of him?

Can you just please honestly, answer that for me. ? Because I really want to know, what kind of intelligence you expected out of someone, who listened to such tripe........promoted it for YEARS, ***after**** it was debunked.......and to this day, still can't seem to find Hawaii on a map, and just admit Obama is an American.

So why would you vote for someone of that ilk........with such a low IQ , who panders to people of such low IQ?

I think that's a fair question. Do you have a good answer? I'd really like to know. Honestly.

euan 08/11/2017.

you voted for a fascist Hitler was a fascist

xiTrollerx 08/11/2017.

I am not old enough to vote, but before he was elected I did favor him over Hillary. I saw thought he was pushing the Republican party left on some issues, like foreign policy, gay marriage, and some more of that. Now that he's elected, all the good stuff he said now no longer has any meaning because he lied.

Estelle 08/11/2017.

No, because I am not in the USA- And I'm glad I'm not for many reasons. First it is full of fat pigs who think they are better than everyone else, so arrogant. The cops are useless, shooting people for no reason. It's disgusting and to add onto all of their troubles they now have a stupid prick as president thanks to all the clueless ones. Donald Trump is a useless man, and I can see that and so can many others. He can't do anything. He talks crap. He is a racist, sexist bastard. He is COMPLETELY clueless. It's all about him, he is self centred and narcissistic. He's caused more uproar than anyone for ages. I suppose he fits in nicely though.

reportanddeport 08/11/2017.

Yes, I did. Cruz was my first choice, but when he didn't make it, I was happy to vote for Trump. And Trump is turning out to be way better than I thought he would. Trump is strong and solid. And standing up against the Fake News Media is the right thing to do, for Trump, and for all Americans.

? 08/11/2017.

Why hide if you voted for someone ?..whoever we vote for it's becoz we think positive about them..

PurpleTygress 08/11/2017.

I didn't vote at all, I didn't want to be responsible for an idiot in office

Nho 08/11/2017.

I did voted for Mr. Trump and my entire family.

Ickis95 08/11/2017.

no, because I don't live in the USA, but I support him somehow though. The other ones (like Hillary, Bernie, Obama, etc.) would have been 3 times worse.

I appreciate it how Trump is trying to banish the Muslims from the West and how he also wants to stop the SJWs.

Kwest 08/11/2017.


I cannot stand him

You're not a supporter, you're a fan

He is not the person you think he is

[ Youtube.com Link ]

[ Youtube.com Link ]

kat 08/11/2017.

No because I'm under 18

Lawrence 08/11/2017.

Yes, I did, although not in the primary. As I said to Mr. McWeasel, I know she has racked up a lot of positive qualifications. But those are completely overshadowed by the monumental amount of baggage she carries. I see her as an unctuous shyster lawyer turned oily politician. I consider her unfit for public office. And, for those of you with thin skin, I couldn't care less if other countries are laughing at us. They have their own problems, many of which are worse than our own.

Dan 08/11/2017.

Yeah I voted, yo! But I damn sure didn't vote for that ugly orange orangutan named Donald the chump, g! I hate him! I hate his monkey kids, his wife, the people whos in his circle & I hate the people that voted & supporting him, dawg! I hope that orange monkey gets impeached or resign! On the folks, homie!

Amanda 08/11/2017.

No, because I can't vote.

Grandma 08/11/2017.

Ya i voted for him, its never been a secret.

The reason: F*** gun control, plain and simple.

Also F*** anybody who enables the slaughter of defenseless infants....donald trump is not a perfect person, but he's a better person than he gets credit for. In the eyes of some being rich makes you evil.

His message has always been simple. He wants to bring the american dream back to life. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Never once has trump aimed to destroy weaken or outlaw any one lifestyle. I cant say the same about the other folks..

Toni 08/11/2017.

I did not vote for him

WILENE 08/11/2017.

Yes I vote him.

Infinitely Certain 08/11/2017.

I did

Paul 08/11/2017.

No, I thought what I saw last night in Phoenix was the same man I saw 18 months ago, a big MOUTH, inept and unqualified, thought if you insist on voting Republican, Jeb Bush or John Kasich was 10 times more qualified actually know how to orate like a President. God bless and help this country get past this travesty called President.

Edna 08/11/2017.

Yes, I voted for President Trump; and I will vote for him again in 2020.

Mike M 7 08/11/2017.

yes i did

SHEMTOV 08/11/2017.

Only retards voted for Trump, you see there now.

joanie t 08/11/2017.

Absolutely!!.........This Man is NO politician, he is a man who believes in himself and stands up for what he believes in. HE speaks our language and I like that.

angie 08/11/2017.

OH MY GOD Karen! You can't just ask people if they voted for Trump!

old fart 08/11/2017.

Yes, there was no way I could vote for Hillary.

pussy 08/11/2017.

no i live in sa i cant vote for him

Kevin7 08/11/2017.

Im proud i did

digital media 08/11/2017.

" I don't live in your country but there is no way I would have voted for him. "

Anabelle 08/11/2017.

I just have to say everyone who voted for trump is an idiot. Did you not see his answer to the white supremacists violent protests? And *ahem* the fact that hes sexist, racist, and misogynist. Hes basically destroying everything that Obama created. I mean come on! How can you seriously vote for someone like that! Who hates mexicans but married one, and who says all muslims are terrorists! If you did well you are incredibly uneducated and downright stupid.

Chonghi 08/11/2017.

No, I did not.

sabbir 08/11/2017.

yes i support him

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