Weren't several generations of Adam and Eve's offspring the result of incest?

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Anonymous 08/15/2017.

Generations if Adam and Eve (pbut) were the result of incest is not the problem.

Problem is that were they allowed to marry each other (brothers and sisters) by God or not.

God allowed to marry a brother (hence they did). Now God doesn't allow this because the object of that permission has already fulfilled and we are almost 7 billion now.

If the President of your state orders to ban wine in your country today, you have to abide by the rule, but if he allows you to drink wine, it won't be a crime.

Jeremy 08/15/2017.

If you believe the story is actually true, yes.

According to the Midrash, Cain and Abel were to marry their twin sisters. Abel was to wed Aclima (Cain's twin) and Cain was to wed Jumella [or Lusia] (Abel's twin). This same story is held by some Islamic traditions as well.

If you believe it to be literally true, you'd also have a similar situation after Noah.

Ben 08/15/2017.

Of course not because they never existed. How do you imagine that? God was creating the world and simultaneously writing how exactly he does it so that you can read it in the Bible? Have you ever wondered who said how God created the world? Who is this man that knew how to write billions of years ago?

know-it-all 08/15/2017.

G-d's Law determines what is moral or immoral. The earliest generation (Cain for example) were created with a twin sister for precisely that purpose, with no depravity. After descending to a nadir of moral impropriety of all sorts culminating with the Flood, G-d decided that this was no longer an acceptable way of populating His world.

Wa 08/15/2017.

Did We All Come from Adam and Eve? Why do people of India, China or black people in america look so different of skin and hair?

antonius 08/15/2017.

Read your bible a little further in Genesis, and see that Cain left and went into the land of Nod and there he took a wife. There were many people on earth.

gmalopez_1998 08/15/2017.

Yes. Until God instituted "The Law" given to man, the act of incest was not an offense or sin and is how mankind multiplied.

Publius 08/15/2017.

Probably only the first generation of descendants.

Hannah J Paul 08/15/2017.

If you are asking whether close relatives married at this period in time, the answer is yes. Even Eve married a close relative inasmuch as she was created from Adam's rib.

Cain married a close relative; perhaps his sister or another female descendant of Adam and Eve. Some people seem to have a real problem with this act which we now know as incest. The word itself is noteworthy: the word incest did not exist when Cain took a wife so it must be remembered that the word which came into existence long after the act was outlawed by God is imbrued by modern people with a degree of depravity. Put another way, the word is relatively modern and so is the negative meaning that has attached. People somehow forget that it is God Almighty who decides the standard for acceptable and unacceptable behavior. I find it curious that most people who say - with a rather disparaging tone - that "incest (ugh) is okay with God (holds nose)" have no problem at all with two men being sexually intimate. No matter . . .

This type of marriage was allowed for a time by God. At some point, he legislated against it. But it is presumptuous to infer some sort of inherent depravity in the act. The word describes an act - the word does not include a moral judgment. So anyone who attaches an automatic badness to it as if it is inherently wrong is setting up his own standard and judging God by it. Not a good idea.

Hannah J Paul

Your Word is a light to my roadway 08/15/2017.

Adam and Eve's offspring were not the result of incest. Their grandchildren onward were.

Flávio 08/15/2017.

De forma alguma

David 08/15/2017.

The law against incest wasn't given until Lev 18, some 400 years after the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Otto 08/15/2017.


But after some 2,500 years of human history, however, whn mankind's physical condition had greatly deteriorated, Jehovah gave to Israellaws forbidding incest.

Mephistopheles 08/15/2017.

According to the babble adam and eve weren't even human. The god made adam from dirt and eve was made from a bone which came from the dirt man. Ok, I know it doesn't make sense but what do you expect from gothic bronze age babble?

Mark 08/15/2017.


Adam and Eve were not the first people on Earth!

God populated the earth with the sixth day creation some 2000 years before Adam and Eve.

One day as a Thousand years and a Thousand years as one day!

Adam and Eve were the first people in the lineage of Jesus Christ!

This is why Cain (Satan's child) killed Abel thinking he was the Messiah to come!

Wake up people!


God loves those who love him!

Repent and Love God Almighty through Jesus Christ our Savior!

Read the King James Bible (Only Bible authorized by a King and watched over by God)

Liam 08/15/2017.

Adam and Eve never existed. We are the result of evolution.

Francis 08/15/2017.

Surely if God was so clever as to create the world, he would have thought this through and place several couples on earth to start the population. Even if you believe the Bible, don't take it too literally.

Anonymous 08/15/2017.

Yes. You didn't come from ape incest like evolutionists think.

Tribalwolf 08/15/2017.

Yeah, but he allowed it during those times

The gene pool then wasn't all messed up like it is today

Ed Harley 08/15/2017.

Later on, Cain also builds a city. A city for 3 people? It seems like some scribe got lazy didn't write down the whole story.

Sammy 08/15/2017.

That would explain much of humanity....

stephen 08/15/2017.

Where does the apple fit in?

Anonymous 08/15/2017.

The bloodline was pure in the beginning. Since God started with only two people then it was necessary at first for relatives to marry and mate. God outlawed incest in the law of Moses. See Leviticus 18.

Tracy 08/15/2017.

No, back then God allowed procreation for the sake of multiplying the earth. He created Adam & Eve so and births would be direct descendants

Precious 08/15/2017.

No. It must be remembered, that circumstances were different in earlier times. Adam and Eve were created perfect, and the instruction for them ‘to multiply and fill the earth’ would necessarily require that their offspring marry one another and reproduce. (Gen. 1:28) But as perfect humans, their children would have been perfect as were their parents.

Even though Adam and Eve sinned and became imperfect, Cain and his brothers and sisters were still so near to physical perfection that the children they produced did not suffer the same adverse effects as do children born of such unions today. Even some 2,000 years afterward, God’s faithful servant Abraham married his half-sister Sarah, and God did not disapprove. (Gen. 20:12) It was yet another 450 years or so before God saw fit to provide his nation of Israel a body of laws that forbade incest on penalty of death. (Lev. 18:8-17) By that time imperfection had apparently developed to such an extent that no longer was it safe for close relatives to marry.

ari 08/15/2017.

Incest is a crime which is put on paper the breaking of a law until there is a law against a certain thing it is not a crime to do it it was God himself that said about two hundred years after Adam and Eve had died that you would not breed with your close family that is when incest was born when God said you must not do this.

Until God said that close interbreeding was permitted and there was no incest

Wise Cracker 08/15/2017.

Yes, but there was no other way, and the bloodline was more pure centuries ago.

Onion3000 08/15/2017.

I've come to realise that, if god created Adam and Eve 6000 years ago, he must have been SEEN doing so by the people already living nearby at the time. Maybe Cain, Seth, Able and Ready just 'married' women in the vicinity.

David 08/15/2017.

If we take Genesis literally? Yes.

Jan C 08/15/2017.

I wonder why it makes any difference to anyone. Can we to judge God's decision?

Abiyah Messianic Torah 08/15/2017.

The gene pool was perfect in those days, it is only now that we have aberrations because of inbreeding. If U go by evolution U have the same problem, except we did not come from slime.

Fuzzy 08/15/2017.

You need to use whatever smarts, if any, you have.

Is incest a law? whose law? Were Adam and Eve and their children constrained by this law?

When did this law first become law?


Kindly use the gray matter.

Did they also break other laws? such as not paying taxes? property taxes, speeding tickets? Jaywalking tickets?

Yes, use your gray matter.

Kazoo M 08/15/2017.

The first generation concerning relations between siblings was necessary for the human race to perpetuate itself and this was allowed.

Eventually, it was no longer necessary for there to be relations between siblings because the population allowed an alternative.

Furthermore, by the time of the Mosaic law there were rules and/or laws to forbid relations too close within a family.


Yorrik 08/15/2017.

Yes - but if you read up on Egyptian history, you'll quickly discover that every Pharaoh married one of his own sisters. This to prevent the dynasty being taken over by a non-Royal family. We ignore Egypt in respect of the Bible because we think it's not important, when in reality it is of the utmost importance since many of the events in the earlier part of the Bible actually took place in Egypt - I'll go even further and suggest that much of the Bible was actually written by the Egyptians - keep in mind that Moses (Tutmoses) was actually an Egyptian in spite of the Bible suggesting otherwise.

[ Youtube.com Link ]
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Egypt the Immortal and Everlasting the Oldest Nation on Earth

WwwdotBibleSelectordotcom 08/15/2017.

Logically, a minimum of two incestuous matings (from our modern perspective) would have to take place in order to propagate the human species from one couple.

BUT...of course more than one could have occurred

and because several incestuous (from our modern perspective) matings are described in the pre-Mosaic period

it would be no surprise if there were many incestuous matings spanning many generations in the pre-Mosaic period.

Phil 08/15/2017.

Adam and Eve had 2 sons. One son killed the other son. The human race should have been done with right there and then. But somehow, we are all here.

Judy & Charlie 08/15/2017.

If you read the Book of Genesis, after Cain killed his brother Abel, he went out into the "Land of Nod" and took a wife.

I have often wondered where the Land of Nod came from or the woman who took up with a loser like Cain.

2FollowHim 08/15/2017.


Cain went out, married?


One thing...the gene pool changed...devolved...notice the sharp drop in life span. So gene pool weakened.

Not sure when it became a problem?

Punkin eater 08/15/2017.

Then again after Noah and his flood.

And that Lot dude and his daughters.

Incest is cool with god according to the bible.

Richard 08/15/2017.


Fireball 08/15/2017.


grnlow 08/15/2017.

Yes, of course. They were the only human family existing then. Because Adam & Ever genetics were perfect, I cest would be no problem. It is only with small minds today that go on to object to this.

Before it did become a problem, Jehovah God gave laws to prevent damage.

Pythagorean Apatheist 08/15/2017.

Christian Skydaddy pulled a V Mary and loaded the Virgins with magic spernmm so it was just demigod incest .

Everard 08/15/2017.

Naahhh... Caine killed Abel and went off to the Land of Nod to get his wife.

You really should read your bibel.

Yeah, I know it's bullshit ;)