What do you think of this name change?

Ashly 08/19/2017. 6 answers
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my original name is Ashly and I wanna switch my name to Ellie. I read online that you need a legitimate reason on why you want to switch your first name, would a reason of a horrible childhood followed by mockery in school be a good legitimate reason. Also what do you think of the name changing part also

6 Answers

j 08/29/2017.

Just be kind to yourself, respect your inner sense (innocence, inner child), and decide if your inner child joy and love resonates more with Ellie or Ashley.

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Elaine M 08/29/2017.

You're out of the school, nobody from there is in your life anymore. Why would you still need to change your name?

Crow 08/29/2017.

you can't run away from who you are. Get therapy first. Talk to her about your name change.

Madame M 08/29/2017.

If you've learned to cope with bullying and mockery, then just announce that your name is Elly from now on. No excuses, no apologies. And at this point, no legalities. Just try it for a year, and see if you really are happier as an Elly -- and if you are, then you can look into getting it legally changed.

You may find that it doesn't help much, or you might find that it helps you change a lot of other things in your life. You do have to be prepared for the fact that if you are hanging around the same people, they may be resistant and may even give you crap.

If you aren't prepared to deal with other people over this, then just have a guardian angel named Elly. When faced with a problem or situation, ask yourself, "What would Elly do?" and then do it. You don't need to announce your secret Elly to the world until you are ready to be Elly.

People use nicknames and AKAs and stuff all the time. Lots of kids called Fred who were never born with that name . . . .

Andrew 08/29/2017.

In the real world, anyone who is old enough, can afford the cost of processing the required paperwork, and is willing to deal with the inherent difficulties involved, is free to legally change his or her name. Minors of course can only do so with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. Unless one is attempting to do so in a place where the government makes such things an impossibility, such as Iceland, there really shouldn't be any big hurdles other than the headache of having all of your documents amended, and the readjustment period involved in breaking in the new name. In terms of fictional characters, an author is free to change the name of any character that he or she sees fit, at any time, for any reason. It's really more of a question of: "Why bother?" If we're talking about a character that appears in a work that has already been released and readers have come to know that character by one name, then unless there is a very sensible reason to change the name, it's probably best to leave it as it is. If we're talking about a character who appears in a story that appears in a work that has yet to be released, or has only been released to a very small audience, then it's probably not a big deal to go ahead and change the name to whatever you like. However, if an author is diddling over a character's name, something that in all honesty really doesn't make any difference at all in the grand scheme of things, my advice would be "Quit diddling about names and concern yourself with the quality of your work instead." If an author produces a well-crafted, engaging, enjoyable, interesting, moving, impressive, memorable story, readers won't give a toss if the character is called "Ashley" or "Ellie" in whatsoever.

Oldlady 08/29/2017.

You don't need to have a good reason, legally. Just no really out there bizarre names. You do have to be an adult or have parental permission.

If you are young, wait a couple of years. Once you get past high school, you may have a different view. You weren't bullied because of your name, so changing it won't change that.