I didn't learn about the Civil War from a couple of statues. Did you?

Nick 08/25/2017. 23 answers
Arts & Humanities History

23 Answers

Kalico 08/18/2017.

Those confederate statues and monuments only serve to prove that shitty pigeons have better aim than we give them credit for.

Why do we need statues and monuments of TRAITORS that started a war and LOST??? We don't have any statues of Benedict Arnold, or Joe McCarthy or of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, executed for treason and espionage...

Met those metal statues and make souvenirs for the kKK, Neo Nazis, Skin Heads and White Supremacists to buy... great way to make money for the municipalities. And the stone statues and monuments can be crushed for paving high ways and roads...or for building better latrines for the dumb yokels, hillbillies, redneck pharters and all racists inbred mental deficient drooling idiots. They'll be so happy that all we'll hear from across state lines is their cacophony of "yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk...'

Not A Hillary or Obama fan 08/20/2017.

The best way to end the violence and damage being done by Antifa and

BLM is stop all Federal and State funding. Including food stamps, Section

8 payments. Cash. If the phony assed Black lives matters fools can

show up to protest then they should be able to show up and find work.

Until they find that job. They have to much free time on their hands.

The Wolf 08/20/2017.

Those stupid brain dead indoctrinated liberal idiots know nothing about the Civil War, they are just going along with what the un-American US Constitution hating liberal handlers tell them to go along with.

Truth 08/19/2017.


Cathy 08/18/2017.

I learned about it in a government school. So everything I "know" is wrong.

Art 08/18/2017.

No I learned it from 60s and seventies TV series (ie North and South) Then I went out and actually researched it. The statues pretty much as the TV depictions express bunkum.

tuffy 08/18/2017.

No, I learned about the American Civil War in high school history class.

staisil 08/18/2017.

No statues. I learned from reading books, advanced high school courses and university courses.

Mr. G 08/18/2017.

Yes I did but that's because I went to an American highschool.

drluvbug 08/18/2017.

nope, statues are kinda a way to make people into heroes. Germans don't have statues of hitler anywhere. we really don't need them up. They are not role models and kids shouldn't look up to confederate soldiers.

jason 08/20/2017.

If I visit an historic site, I like the statues and reading about the people that were involved in whatever went down there (good or bad) and the statue kind of helps bring that history to life for me. If I go to Gettysburg, I don't want to only learn about the north.

Chances68 08/18/2017.

Nope, I sure did not. Moreover, if the statues were about teachi9ng history, then they would be about the victorious northern Union generals and officers that defeated the Confederacy and ended slavery.

Colin 08/18/2017.

Which one? Stephen and Matilda? The Wars of the Roses? Charles the First/ Cromwell?

Kelley 08/18/2017.

As a Southerner,I've always wondered why we commemerate a war we lost.

Thereem 08/18/2017.

No I learned about it from the video series from the late 1980s or so, which interviewed Shelby foote and numerous other historians. Such a great series I recommend it.

ajtheactress 08/18/2017.

I learned mostly from my father, who was huge civil war buff. He took us [my family] to many civil war battlefields. There were monuments to both armies there.

Other resources about the civil war I learned from:

Classes in civics and literature

Books that I've read over my life time

Visits to the Southern States and interaction with the people there

There are many statues that are repugnant. The one that most affected me is Mt. Rushmore....for so many reasons.

aardvark151 08/18/2017.

Agreement, and for sure, I did not learn a true picture from my high school days, or even college days. Only with the internet, and a desire for knowledge am I finding out many left out facts about many of our history's events. And from a family Bible, recorded with names of men who left to fight, either Union, or CSA, and their return, or news of their deaths. Or of an ancestor, that built a settlement, but employed no slaves, instead, freemen, former slaves, employed and paid a living wage.

Lou C. Ferr 08/18/2017.

I learned that ISIS has been doing the same thing and no one likes it.

m 08/18/2017.

the sooner a line is drawn and enforced, the better the hope of returning order and preserving america from communist destruction.

Celia H 08/19/2017.

My grandfather died in one civil war, in 1922, in Ireland. My uncle fought in another, with the International Brigade, in 1936, in Spain. Other people do have civil wars, you know.

BigBill 08/18/2017.

And I didn't learn about the Holocaust from a couple of memorials, did you?

Anonymous 08/18/2017.

We have these wacky things called BOOKS.

william ellis 08/18/2017.

fighting over old stale bread....moldy....when we look at one who made the war what do you see but a the killer of hundred thousand men......fighting over labor.........north needed it and the south had it out in the fields of cotton......now the cities or full and with to many workers so the North has them but what to do with them so they spread them out into the cities and created the welfare system to feed them.....

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