When we were attacked at Pearl Harbor were we already at war with the British or did the Civil War start because of that?

Anonymous 08/22/2017. 43 answers
Arts & Humanities History

43 Answers

Michael 08/20/2017.

No, It was when Gen. Patton stormed San Juan Hill to stop Francis Scott Key from letting Rommel attack New York from the Panama Canal. Luckily Glenn Ford and Omar Sharif had a gallon of Prestone antifreeze to drink and history is as we know is the result. Hope this clears up any issues. For future reference "Modern History" by Pauly Shorr would be a good read.

Gary 08/20/2017.

Who says history must be linear? Conflation might spice-things-up...

trurider t 08/20/2017.

Well you have just proven that your last brain Cell has died.

Voelven 08/20/2017.

Well, you know enough history to tie together unrelated events. Good for you! And if you had to do a bit of research to post this trolling question, then even better! You actually learned something. :)

Kalico 08/19/2017.

You LOVE trolling with your stupid, idiotic questions, don't you? Here's the real problem, that "need" or compulsion is really related to a serious mental disease... and you're too stupid to realize it. But, hey, mental health services will eventually provide you with a padded cell for you comfort. I also recommend you stay off drugs.

Anonymous 08/19/2017.

As Filthy Frank said in that over used clip; "ITS TIME TO STOP!"

staisil 08/19/2017.

This is beyond ignorance.

robert x 08/18/2017.

you silly plebe

drluvbug 08/18/2017.

Did you steal Sarah Palin's history book?

Thomas 08/20/2017.

Yes, it was right after Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star.

Emma 08/20/2017.

1. The war with the british was the revolutionary war. It was caused by the sugar tax, along with other unfair taxes, and we basically went "VIVA LA RÉVOLUTION" and fought the british and won. Be came our own, independant colonies which were later turned into states.

2. Once we become the united states, we had a dispute between the southern and northern states, the Confederates and the Union. They fought against the rights to own slaves, the confederates wanting them and the union not. The Union won after many battles, even though the Confederates won the last battle of the civil war. (Battle of Palmito Ranch) We abolished slavery.

3. The attack on Perl harbour was the an attack by the Japaneese which ultimately led the U.S's entry to world war II.

In conclusion, No. The civil war did not start because of Pearl Harbor were we already at war with the British. Infact, the events do not even relate.

Time changes, but some people just never get any smarter. Including you.

bimmers 08/20/2017.

1941 pearl harbor happened

Const. King 08/19/2017.

No, be serious, the war of 1812 started because of Pearl Harbor. I learned that in history class.

Mercury 08/19/2017.

You cannot be that stupid?

tuffy 08/18/2017.

American Revolution (1775-1783)

American Civil War (1861-1865)

World War II (1939-1945)

Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)

James 08/18/2017.

The civil war was before world war 1 and pearl harbor was in world war 2. Stupid Question

Ms. Clones 08/18/2017.

Why do you keep posting these ridiculous questions?

Anonymous 08/18/2017.

No, No, No,

It was a continuation of the Army vs Navy games.

navy beat the knickers off army 18/6

Pearl Harbour was the Army getting their licks back.

policy enforcer 08/18/2017.

Are you drunk?

Joe Roth 08/21/2017.

No, actually we were still fighting the people of Norway because they had attempted to corner the sushi market in a big way. On the other hand, the Civil War came about because the Italians could not provide enough spaghetti to keep Americans happy. This made it a very scarce commodity here. If you recall, the Civil War did not end until the good people of Peru began bringing to America the spaghetti trees and the knowledge of how to harvest them. Hope that helps.

Jacques 08/21/2017.

Was not Pearl Harbor 9/11 ?

The Wolf 08/20/2017.

Thank you for proving the lack of intelligence that stupid brain dead indoctrinated liberal idiots possess.

DKG 08/20/2017.

It was the German's who bombed Pearl Harbour.

stephen 08/20/2017.

That's too weirrd a question - with so many mistakes.

Forrest Carlton Lackey 08/19/2017.


Play with chickens!

Play with their wottles! Flick their floppy wattles and meaty combs.

John P 08/19/2017.

Go back to school and look up Pearl Harbor and the American Civil War. No need to look up any British connection - but note that in England/Britain there have been several civil wars, all of them before the USA even existed.

Will B 08/19/2017.

Did someone put your brain in a blender at the highest setting?

Thereem 08/19/2017.

Lol all of the above

bluebellbkk 08/18/2017.

If you want to be funny, you have to be a lot less obvious.

Malcolm 08/21/2017.

You must have read the Donald Trump Book of Jokes.

Christopher F 08/20/2017.

According to revisionists, Paul Revere's horse accidentally started a fire in Mrs O'Leary's barn which ignited the wick of the cannon that fired at Fort Sumter. Hope this helps.

Yorrik 08/20/2017.

Your question is mixed up. Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941 and no, USA was not then at war with UK. In fact USA was not at war with anyone, since the majority of Americans wanted nothing to do with any European war etc.

December 8 1941 FDR declares war on Japan
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Adolf Hitler declared war on the USA sometime after Pearl - how lunatic is that?

Okay, the Civil War was 1860-1865 - a private war between the Northern and Southern States of USA.


poornakumar b 08/19/2017.

War with the British was 167 years before & the Civil War was 120 years before Pearl Harbor.

Will 08/19/2017.

No, it started when the Japanese wiped out the Alamo, then attacked the bluecoats at Bunker Hill.

PAMELA 08/18/2017.

Idiot, as you well know the japanese attacked pearl harbour in 1941, bringing america into the war.

Anonymous 08/18/2017.

Another child left behind.

Tina 08/18/2017.

Boring troll.

Forty Licks 08/18/2017.

You declared war on Japan and helped the British and French defeat that madman Hitler

Your civil war was not in the 20th century

mayo_carl 08/18/2017.

you are conflating 3 different wars:

pearl harbor - start of WW2

war with british - revolutionary war

civil war - war between the union and confederate states.

David 08/21/2017.

Cryin' out loud, what is this, Common Core History? Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Anonymous 08/20/2017.

Go back and re-read your history text. Now.

Anonymous 08/18/2017.

it started the french canadian war

Anonymous 08/18/2017.

Trolling along. Just trolling along.

*or at least I hope you are.

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