Found a 97 Honda Accord for $650 at the dealership worth buying ?

iCam 08/13/2017. 18 answers
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Everybody knows my Yukon Denali situation the Honda is not expensive at all I can use that as my daily driver just to go back and forth to work and only drive the Denali on the weekend or something but the Honda has 200,000 miles is it a 1997 I drove it I take it to AutoZone for the check engine light is talking...

18 Answers

FlagMichael 08/23/2017.

We answered this question recently. If a mechanic says it is good to go and the timing belt has recently be replaced, go for it. The odds are heavily against both of those, though. If it has a bad head gasket and a timing belt that needs to be replaced it is worth less than nothing.

Anonymous 08/23/2017.

You got eyes and common sense. AC is not important. The car will run without it.

Honda's run for a good while but nothing runs forever without maintenance. Getting from a car lot means the car is sold AS IS. It may break 100 feet from the lot...but that is your problem, not theirs. Of course they probably gave the guy $100 for it as a trade in, so it would be an easy $500 profit for them if you come and take the thing away. So offer $400. and dicker because it needs a tune up and they will counter "that is why the price is $650" which is B.S." as there is no hard line price. The price of repairs is hard line. So tune up and oil change and check the tires. and brakes. If they don't drop from the $650 walk away. You don't lose anything by doing that. You can find cars in better shape for less than $650 in the classified section of the newspaper. The warranty is the same length. It could be junk. Or it might last you 3 years. You know it will either fall apart on you or you will be able to sell it for some cash(like a couple hundred if it is still running) You lost next to nothing. I have gotten cars for $25 or even $0 and they were runners and turned around and sold them for $1800 because it had a propane conversion in it. Some people go for that...and some don't(which is why I got it for FREE.)

Brian 08/23/2017.

Just buy it and if it doesn't work out, scrap it for metal. No big deal.

Jerry S 08/23/2017.

no, probably too many problems

Never 08/23/2017.

I dealt cars for a dozen years. $650 cars at retail are junk.

Heck $1200 cars are junk.

Ive been out of it for 15 years but occasionally I sold some ok cars for $1650-1950. I was a curbstoner meaning no overhead which allowed me to offer lower prices.

I'm sure you are dealing with a buy here pay here lot. Theres no way they would sell a good car for $650 cash when they could get $60 a week with $600 down if they thought it would keep running.

mccoyblues 08/23/2017.

Any $650 car is going to have problems or it would be worth more.

hotnogu 08/23/2017.

Yes of course

Drew 08/23/2017.

You say it like those are minor problems with the car, but by the time you get everything fixed you could have bought a perfectly fine used car.

Grandpa 08/23/2017.

It is worth whatever the going rate is for a car going to a scrap yard. Not a nickel more.

AlCapone 08/23/2017.

Contrary to your fantasy belief, you are NOT a Yahoo Answers celebrity. And $650 for at a car at a dealership means it's only worth $350 and is basically junk.

Jay P 08/23/2017.

I don't know what your Denali situation is and quite frankly, I don't care.

Honda's generally have a good to great reputation but no vehicle lasts forever. There is also a reason why this car is $650... You could take a chance on it and if it turns out to be too costly to repair, you scrap it and get 1/3 or 1/4 of your money back.

Anonymous 08/23/2017.

You may as well take your $650 and throw it out your window or put it in a paper shredder. lol. Stay away!

kiara 08/23/2017.

Sounds like someone just trying get rid of a piece of junk. You get what you pay for though. Don't put too much money into an old $650 car get a brand new one if ur gonna have to put too much extra work/check ups on it

Julie B 08/23/2017.

great fro the scrap price what ever it going for or fix and repair daily but my sound advise is run away from it. Dealer wants to unload fast to some sucker!

James 08/23/2017.

I'd say so

Jason 08/23/2017.

Who knows when the timing belt last been changed. You don't want to own it for a month and have the pistons assist the valves back up.

Scott 08/23/2017.

You get what you pay for.

Robert S 08/23/2017.

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