What is the most you can pay in cash in a store?

Alicia 08/13/2017. 13 answers
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I want to buy a $88 dollar camera from Kmart. I have a card but I don't want me Dad to see that I am buying it. He will freak out. Would I be able to pay that much in cash?

13 Answers

K. 08/25/2017.

Paying that amount with cash is absolutely no issue. KMart-any merchant will be happy to sell in exchange for cash. But make sure you keep your receipt just in case you need to return the item or have any issues with it. When you pay with cash your store receipt is your only proof of purchase. Look at your receipt when you get it and make sure it can be read clearly. On the other hand, when you make a credit card purchase you have the card company on your side if you have any issues with the purchase. Good luck.

tro 08/25/2017.

any store will take whatever cash you have that you want to buy whatever they have for sale

AlCapone 08/25/2017.

How did kids get this stupid ???

XTX 08/25/2017.

You can buy with cash anytime you like ........

Nightworks 08/25/2017.

Why do you even think that there's a limit?

It's not unusual for people to pay thousands in cash for an item

JetDoc 08/25/2017.

K-Mart will be HAPPY to take your cash money, as long as it's not all in pennies, nickles and dimes.

fire4511 08/25/2017.

Cash can be used for any purchase. The only time there may be an issue is if the amount of sale is over $10,000 in cash, in which case the business is required to report the sale to the IRS. It is not unusual for people to pay cash for purchases so your $88 purchase will not be considered in any way strange.

As a business owner, I prefer cash, because when payment is made with a credit or debit card, I have to pay a percentage to the card processor. With cash I keep it all

Mong 08/25/2017.

Yes definitely i went up to 200 once so ur all good!

thebax2006 08/25/2017.

I didn't know people that dumb shop at Kmart.

Tiffany 08/25/2017.

Ive bought things for thousands in cash... 88$ is not a lot of money. Is this a real question?

Never 08/25/2017.

I'm going to give you better advice for the long term.

Come inside when it rains.

Scott 08/25/2017.

Of course you can.

Jake No Chat 08/25/2017.

Cash is readily accepted, there is no limit.

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