Do you think there will ever be another Civil War in the United States?

Edwin 08/15/2017. 21 answers
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21 Answers

Jack E 08/15/2017.

Yes, it will start in the large cities when food starts to run out.

CD 08/14/2017.

I would hope not, but these days you can really not assume either.

Art 08/13/2017.

Nope but there may be a war between the countries the US is devolving into.

robert x 08/13/2017.

its inevitable for a country that size...

Anonymous 08/13/2017.

The next US civil war will be the first since the war that ended in 1865 wasn't a civil war by definition.

staisil 08/13/2017.


I would hope that no one in this country is ignorant enough to believe that they can "take on" or defeat the U.S. military.

Gerber 08/13/2017.

Hope NOT .....BUT.

Jez we can 08/12/2017.

I don't think so.

The far right may attempt to mobilize their gun toting followers, but they'd quickly find that despite all their tough words and posturing, there aren't all that many people willing to die for their cause.

megalomaniac 08/12/2017.

With humans one always has to guard against war. It isn't likely but it is ALWAYS possible.

Star 08/15/2017.

I hope not..

Thomas 08/14/2017.

Republican vs Democrat. Cops vs the public. Rich vs Poor. Africans, Mexicans vs Anglo Saxons. Crips vs Bloods. America vs Russia, North Korea, Iran, China. At this point its either civil or nuclear war that will end us.

Venus 1485AD 08/14/2017.

The way things are going lately, it's a possibility. Lunatic Left media stirs up naive people and brainwashes them, so that they can only parrot this sinister media's deceptions. Kathy Griffin decapitated the president in a sketch, Madonna talked about blowing up the White House and other dumb celebrities say much the same, as do some people on such websites as this one, Answermug, Quora and Fluther.

poornakumar b 08/13/2017.

May be or may be not. It is for the Americans to say that.

Sunday Crone 08/13/2017.

believe that we are close to it now, because of what Trump has done in his time as Preisdent.

Ultimate Pickle Jar 08/13/2017.

Very possible but not like the one in 1865. I am thinking it will be towns against the cities maybe.

elj2017c 08/12/2017.

The next "war" will the war of the great day of God Almighty, called Armageddon, God's war against the world's nations. That war will eliminate all vestiges of evil, including war, poverty, sickness and death. (Psalms 37:10,11; Revelation 21:4)

Mark 08/12/2017.

Let's hope so, cons need another wake up call

JUDAS PRIEST 08/12/2017.

at this point, if its not a race war, its a civil war

Paige 08/15/2017.

Yes probably because there is so much hate going on right now.

Anonymous 08/14/2017.

Like the first one was a huge success??

Ynot 08/13/2017.

Very unlikely - it takes two Donald Trump's to create a Civil War and lightning doesn't usually strike twice in the same place. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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