Why are women so disloyal?

Truman 08/06/2017. 6 answers
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Disloyal to their men, their tribe, their country,even God himself. Women are always in a state of rebellion, always ready to stab their own people in the back in order to obtain power, unable to resist the temptation to sacrifice their own kind for selfish gain, unable to maintain integrity & stick to...

6 Answers

rachel 07/27/2017.

literally what are you even talking about

Anonymous 07/27/2017.

you viewpoint has a kernel of truth to it. from the dawn of mankind, this bright horizon has been saddled by one inefficiency - women. As men seek to advance a generation, impediments ride them over, and men stride them over, but the other side breaks all.

Yet the antithesis to the above misogyny is obvious, men depend on women and though great literature spanning centuries, we observe this relationship is mutually accepted and crucial to the fostering of family units. how can, one say women are disloyal?

Anonymous 07/27/2017.

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Ghost Of Christmas Past 07/27/2017.

Not getting any then?

VITTORIO 07/27/2017.

Hmm! Perhaps the ones you pick! I'm very careful with my choices "picky, picky"

Artemis 07/27/2017.

They aren't.

"Generalization often leads to the formation of stereotypes, unfairly reducing a group of people to an indistinguishable blob of characters, that some might blindly believe.

It is indescribably annoying when someone simply assumes something about a person because of her/his gender/age/physical appearance/ethnicity and gives no room for the possibility that every individual has a brain and personality of her/his own."

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