Do glasses make me look smarter?

Anonymous 08/13/2017. 13 answers
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13 Answers

Dan 08/06/2017.

They won't make you look any dumber than you already are.

sandra 08/06/2017.

no in fact som glasses can make you look sluty

Cassie 08/06/2017.

Yea, kind of because of the stereotype really

runningman022003 08/06/2017.

That would depend on you...and the glasses.

AANEEESHVV68 08/06/2017.

yes glasses make you look better , you have to choose the correct frame ,

if you got the correct frame that may change your appearance

some spec give you a matured look ,,,

DRDEATH 08/06/2017.

I cant tell..

The First Dragon 08/06/2017.

Yes, especially if you are too good-looking without them.

Nicole 08/06/2017.

it helps you see better

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Noooo nerds r wannabe smart

Sherry 08/06/2017.

Until u open your mouth

? 08/06/2017.

I look like a douche with mine

Plogsties 08/06/2017.

Mine didn't make me smarter.

TommyApache 08/06/2017.

Oh without a doubt....