Are stick shifts good for 16 year old?

Anonymous 08/16/2017. 29 answers
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my husband is getting stick shift car for my 16 year old son, the car is called 2015 ford mustang gt.

29 Answers

Daniel 08/09/2017.

Getting a 16yr old a Mustang is a terrible idea, regardless of the transmission. Tell your husband to get something less flashy. A stick shift car is a good idea, though.

Mr.357 08/09/2017.

I don't know why not. I started driving a manual vehicle when I was 5 years old. If a 5 year old can do it, a 16 year old should be able to do it.

Art 08/09/2017.

A mustang is not a good car for anyone regardless of gear configuration, to much power for most people especially the inexperienced.

FlagMichael 08/02/2017.

Anonymous asker, claiming "she" wants a 2015 Mustang for "her son" - 100% chance of troll by the alleged son. We see it here all the time.

Everybody is right about it being a lousy car for a 16 year old.

realtor.sailor 08/02/2017.

Your insurance will skyrocket!

The First Dragon 08/02/2017.

Sure. I learned on a stick shift at 16, and so did my daughter.

I don't recommend a sports car though.

Dimo J 08/02/2017.

Your husband wanted a Mustang when he was a kid, instead of a bleah safe car.

Your kid has a 25% of a collision the first year, just about a guaranteed collision in the first five years.

Having a fast sporty car increases the odds of having a collision.

Grandpa 08/09/2017.

The issue is not the fact that the car is a stick shift. The issue is the fact that the car is a late model sports car and the driver is 16 years old. The cost of your family Auto Insurance will probably triple.

vic 08/09/2017.

yes I learned to drive a stick when I was 15, my first car was a 3 on the floor at 16, loved it

Anonymous 08/09/2017.

No different than automatic transmissions. Need to be able to breathe and chew gum at the same time, then you are probably capable of driving a manual stick shift with a clutch. Son or daughter can drive them. Make sure to get Posi Track with big tires/// oh, wait a 2015 Mustang is FWD so you would look like a retard with big slick tires on the front.

Neh. Not my problem or car choice. So no opinion here.

Jay P 08/09/2017.

Stick shift? Sure. I took my driver's test with a manual transmission and every vehicle I've owned has been DIY shifting.

Mustang GT? NO!

Never 08/02/2017.

Yes, sky high insurance and anything to pay less attention to the road.


mccoyblues 08/02/2017.

Buying a 16 year old a high powered muscle car is like signing his death certificate. Your baby boy who is just learning how to drive cannot handle the power of a car like this and in all likelihood he will have an accident and pray to GOD he doesn't kill himself (or some else)

You husband is not thinking logically. Talk him out of this terrible decision.

Look at the facts. Young boys who are inexperinc d drivers behind the wheel of a powerful sports car is a recipe for disaster. Don't do it.

bo 08/02/2017.

wrong move getting that car for a 16 year old. one insurance alone will be through the roof. if he's never driven a stick or a car like that. tell him to get a older car let him practice on that then get a mustang later

David 08/02/2017.

Stick shifts are fine for any age that can drive a car, that said it's significantly easier to damage the transmission by, say, braking without either clutching out or shifting into neutral. I wouldn't recommend a Mustang GT as his first car just in case he screws up and wrecks the transmission on it while still in an earlier stage of learning stick.

If your husbando does get the car for your son then he needs to teach him properly how to drive stick. The best place to teach someone, IMO is in an empty parking lot. The hardest part of learning stick can be taught with low-speed maneuvers only, like shifting into first, shifting into second, and downshifting (rev matching) which can all be taught at low speeds.

I'm sure your son will enjoy driving manual. I know I do. It just makes cars so much more fun to drive.

Anonymous 08/02/2017.

I love stick shifts and my cousin has a truck that he loves. U should buy what he is used to. So if he is into trucks then u should buy him it. Make sure he already knows how to use the stick shift. It's just my opinion but I think u should buy him one. Yes stick shifts are great for a 16 year old.

ElGrande 08/02/2017.

Cool story.

I'm sure your parents aren't that foolish. And, I'm sure your mom would have MUCH better grammar, unless she was raised in the Appalachians.

STEPHEN 08/09/2017.

Yeah sure. You know the insurance for that?

Madeaaa 08/09/2017.

wow nice going. u wanna kill your kid by getting him a sports car a 16 can never handle. 2015 mustang huh? do u know how high your insurance will be? especially with a high risker driver which he is considered till age 25? u know everyone with their first car has a 95% chance of totaling it the first year correct? that will cost a lot in repairs. I understand u wanna spoil your kid and give him the best of everything but this is definitely not the best. get him a Honda, Toyota, chevy or something off that nature. fords are crap. so are Chryslers. and dodge neons no way. be smart. a 16 year old should be getting a beater car. at 18 I was driving a 2002 cavalier. a definite beater car. and I thank my parents for that car because 3 weeks after I got my license I totaled it. it cost 6k to fix it and I had another 7 years outta it. however every year it was an expensive issue. it got to the point I was paying double in repairs then what my parents paid for the car in full. if it costs 6k to fix a 2002 chevy cavalier do u realize how much more a totaled 2015 mustang will cost to repair. its a dumb move you are making. if u really love your kid keep him safe and get him a beater car. a sports car for a 16 year old is a guarentted collision/death sentence. the beaters can take more abuse then the new ones.

D50 08/09/2017.

Anyone with reasonable intelligence can drive a stick shift. A Mustang for a 16yo is a big mistake though.

Anonymous 08/09/2017.

depends, if the 16yo prefers a stick shift, yes, else not.

if the 16yo drive much in the city with all the stop & go traffic at traffic lights etc., then an automatic shift will be better, because having to shift that much can soon become to annoying. if there isnt much stop & go traffic, then a manual shift will do to or if he takes the car to a race - track, then stick shift will be fun.

........................... 08/09/2017.

Good to learn/know, but it ultimately depends on your sons abilities.

malik 08/09/2017.

No too much power especially if you son does not know how to drive stick shift yet more than likely he will stall the car a lot causing early clutch failure there is a chance he can shift into the wrong heat and blow the engine not saying because he is 16 I say that because there is adult that blow their engine from shifting wrong car will bring attention to him (not the good attention) car has big blind spots in the back like others said your insurance will go up the mustang is sorta big (sorta) once he has had more experience with driving as he gets older then I would say yes get him a mustang but now no.

Edna 08/02/2017.

If your son learns how to drive a stick shift, then he will be able to drive any other car ever made, by any auto manufacturer. But a 2015 Mustang, whether it's automatic transmission or stick shift, is a lousy car for a 16 year old. He'll wreck that thing within a week because he'll want to find out how fast a Mustang can go.

M. 08/02/2017.

Stick shift (manual transmission)? Sure!

It was good enough for me, 45 years ago.

Mustang GT?? Zoom!!

It's a fine car for a responsibile adult. A 16 year old, unfortunately, is not a responsible adult. Insurance that covers such a teenager in that car will be expensive! If your husband buys and insures the car in his own name, your son will be an excluded driver.

A stick shift VW would be a different story.

Zachary 08/02/2017.

Stick shifts are fine, Mustang GTs are not, at least not ones that powerful.

I'd suggest a Miata if he's dead set on a sports car. Cheaper on everything, drop top for cruising, fun to drive, enough power for the car, but not enough to get in any real trouble long as he can handle a car.

Bill 08/02/2017.

That car has over 400 horsepower and a top speed above 150 MPH and will be very dangerous for a 16 year old. Your insurance company might not cover him in something like that or the rates will be horrendous. Buy him a reliable used 4 cylinder car with a stick shift

David 08/09/2017.

I think No

Jcorvette 72 08/09/2017.

a teenager with a car like that is not a wise move...but hes your kid