Since democrats aren't a national party anymore do they deserve a capital D?

Snowflakes Crack Me Up 08/13/2017. 9 answers
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9 Answers

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

They are a national party. Just the party that is not in power, but is the official opposition. Like the Republicans have been for the past while. That is how elections work.

It really was a close vote. Too close. Questionably close. Had Trump lost, chances are good he would be complaining just as much.

Charlesetta 08/06/2017.

You really like being stupid.

Grundoon 08/06/2017.

You keep telling yourself that.

I know I was deluded when I said Trump would finish in third....but you have passed me

Bob 08/06/2017.

Since you can't type with your fingers in yourbum, did you get your Mom to type this for you?

Not A Single Time 08/06/2017.

No. Life is misery for dems. So, so, sad.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

The Democrats are just regrouping. Most Americans hate Trump and the Republicans. Democrats will make a comeback in 2018 and 2020.

BlueNinjaLove 08/06/2017.

You live a sad fantasy life, don't you?

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Don't worry about it. Republicans don't represent the same Americans democrats do. Republicans don't even want to represent them...

Dmitri 08/06/2017.

They deserve my D in their collective butts because Trumps the president.