What is the best way to deal with annoying customers?

M 08/17/2017. 12 answers
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I work for a major bank in the financial crimes unit. We investigate wire transfers, large checks, and other transactions for fraudulent activity. My unit does not deal directly with customers, but the adjacent unit does, and I often get calls intended for them. I get customers asking me questions to which I...

12 Answers

sheloves_dablues 08/03/2017.

If you consider a customer of your business to be an annoyance, you are in the wrong line of work.

You need to speak up to your management team and make them aware of how horrible your bank is at providing customer service, by not having a modern phone system to allow you transfer calls. WTF kind of cracker-jack company do you work for?

It is NEVER appropriate to tell a customer "Ok, like I said, you'll have to call customer service. I can't help you, I have my own job to do." You explain that you work in a different department and do not have the knowledge to answer their question, but you'll be happy to transfer them to the appropriate party"..

I find it hard to believe that someone smart enough to be hired to work in the financial crimes unit is too stupid to know how to provide service to their customers.

bluebellbkk 08/03/2017.

You might have less bother if you were more polite and pleasant when telling people that they should speak to Customer Service.

Saying 'I don't know what you're talking about' and 'I have my own job to do' and 'I don't have time to deal with customers' doesn't explain the situation: it merely puts their backs up.

Say, 'I'm sorry, but you've reached '[Whatever] Department. We don't handle customer questions; let me give you the right number for Customer Service' and AFTER you've told them this, keep repeating 'I'm sorry, but *I* can't help'.

When you've said that three times, you're entitled to hang up.

Chanel 08/03/2017.

Just repeat like a scratched record "you need to phone ......."

If they keep going on you reiterate and reiterate and you could after a while accidently on purpose stop the call.

yowsa 08/03/2017.

You have this issue because management haven't sorted out numbers and call transfer. Have the discussion, get a petition if need be. Customers, you cannot be rude to for annoyance. If they're rude, that's different. I give them a maximum of 2 chances and then they get cut off, or the call ends quickly. It's basic time management. You don't have time to argue every customer, just don't lose it because it can all be recorded.

Pearl L 08/03/2017.

i would just be thankful you have a job, wish i did

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

Get a phone that lets you transfer. This feature has been available on phones for over 30-40 years.

Benjamin 08/03/2017.

just be nice.

Cord 08/03/2017.

Just hang up on them.

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

If they don't want to call customer service, tell them that you'll transfer them. Then put them on hold, and go to lunch.

tentofield 08/03/2017.

Very simple solution. Get your phone fixed so that it can allow you to transfer a call. If your phone number is a publicly listed number that is why you are getting the calls so you must be able to transfer them. If it is not a publicly listed number but calls are being sent to you by a switchboard, talk to the switchboard and tell them to stop.

It is not the customer's fault if they end up on your phone. Many companies have automatic switchboards where people have to press numbers to get to talk to a human. These systems range from annoying to intolerable and it is not surprising that when a customer finally gets to talk to a human, they want you to do something about their problem even if there is nothing you can do. Not only that but often by that time they are frustrated and angry and need you to be helpful.

Never ever send someone back to "customer service". "Customer disservice" is what it should be called as it is back to recorded messages and button pushing. You have three options and three options only and if your system doesn't allow it, get the system fixed so that it does.

Option 1. Sort out the customer's problem yourself.

Option 2. Give the customer the name and direct telephone number of someone who can sort out the problem

Option 3. Transfer the call to the person who can solve the problem. If the number is engaged, go back to the customer and use option 2.

If your company prides itself on "customer service" it will fix things so that the three options are available to you. If they don't, the company doesn't care about the customers so you are completely free to tell them to go away and stop bothering you.

g 08/03/2017.

You need to speak with your supervisor about how to handle those calls. You're coming across as rude and resentful, and that's no way to treat customers.

Gert 08/03/2017.

Just be nice and show you are classier than them.