Why do all good things come to an end?

? 08/17/2017. 31 answers
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Bubba Gubbins 08/03/2017.

To have a beginning of a new good thing, you must end an old one. Get it?

nobudE 08/10/2017.

Things that keep going end up boring.

Raver Raver Raver 08/03/2017.

Entropy. It's always easier to destroy something than to create something.

7Flightsup 08/03/2017.

Nothing comes to an end, except illusion, and God who is Everything and everybody never comes to an end.

runningman022003 08/03/2017.

Not true. Pi is good and it never ends


ใ€€๐Ÿ‘ฅโ˜ฅโ™กโ˜ฎใ€€ 08/03/2017.


ใ€€ If only good things came to an end, then only bad things become infinite.

ใ€€ If we all became infinite, that would be a good thing to no end.

ใ€€ In order to repeat themselves, you consume the goodness of a strawberry.

ใ€€ I too - shall pass gas, and it will end, then all good things return to normal.

ใ€€ It is better to travel high and low to return the road less traveled.

ใ€€ The end of a good day, only allows the end of a good nite , to a new day.

ใ€€ The end of a pie's shelf life is good, and beginning to yours ends well to do.

ใ€€ What you eat is good, what your toilet eats is good, what the earth eats is good, and what grows from the earth is good, and what you eat is good, ...

ใ€€ To please pass the gravy, is to pass the hour, and a good time is pleasing.

ใ€€ Not all things that come to end, are good in grace to pass in giving.


Andrew 08/03/2017.

Everything comes to an end sooner or later, whether it be good or bad. Good things seem to be transient whereas bad things seem to linger.

Raja 08/03/2017.

If all good things come to an end then the world will come to an end. Think well what keeps the world in an order and protects.

? 08/03/2017.

Infinity is Good... And It has no end.

It has existed for eternity, fueling the creation and dissolution of galaxies and endless universes, yet remains pure.

Perhaps the universe with its expansion and contraction is just the heartbeat of Infinity.

Infinity is Good. It has never failed. Not once.

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

we can come to an end before some of the good things

we can have good dollars but our days end before the good dollars are gone (ex:michael jackson)

The Count 08/03/2017.

Regression to the mean--that is, things have to get back to normal.

Max 08/10/2017.

People forget that bad things also come to an end.

Sharon S 08/03/2017.

we are not infinite

Rollingboxes 08/03/2017.

Luck of the draw.

Maximus Williamitis 08/03/2017.

The same reason that the Point if Life sticks you in the butt when you're not looking.

shakes2305 08/03/2017.

To keep us growing and moving

Revena 08/03/2017.

Life will eventually end

Jacques 08/03/2017.

because it is part of living

I tamed the beast 08/03/2017.

Nothing lasts forever

Goodbye Cruel World 08/03/2017.

Because nothing lasts forever.

joan 08/10/2017.

For the same reason they begin

JORGE N 08/03/2017.

It doesn't usually happen because we want it to. It just happens.

Albert 08/03/2017.

Because your curious to wonder why, but is this really an issue worth worrying about?

Lynnmarie 08/03/2017.

Good things don't come to an end for those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior before they die. Please read the New Testament for more information. I suggest starting with the Gospel of John.

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

Because ALL THINGS good or bad come to an end eventually. ALL matter in the universe will eventually cease to exist. The law of entropy guarantees it.

Unit 08/03/2017.

Too much of a good thing springs to mind. It is only good because we don't get it all the time.

narulaexpress1 08/03/2017.

Because this is universe and everything will be comes to in end one day.

Mr. Interesting 08/03/2017.

Same reason all bad things come to an end also. Nothing is forever really.

The only true constant is change.

18 gibbs 20 08/03/2017.

So do bad things. Nothing is infinite.

Wise Cracker 08/03/2017.

Yes, all good things come to an end
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say 08/03/2017.

so that bag things begin