Windows 10 Laptop Really Slow?

Emma 08/03/2017. 3 answers
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On the 31st of July, I noticed my computer was running really slow. I deleted some useless files and defragmented my disk overnight, but to my dismay my computer was even worse! I ve done a ton of stuff but it only got slower. After uninstalling some of the programs I installed that day, it got noticeably better,...

3 Answers

Silhouette Of A Stranger 09/18/2017.

Just from reading your post, I have an idea about what the problem is.......

Too many programs installed........

You said you tried browsing with chrone AND firefox...... Why do you have more than 1 browser installed? This means you probably have a bunch of other programs installed that are simultaneously running everytime your computer starts/is on............ Your computer is being overworked and you need 2 clean house....

Best bet (unless you are tech saavy, knows sommeone who is tech saavy, or have enough funds to pay a tech saavy person/place to remedy the situation) is to wipe it (using recovery CD).............

John 09/18/2017.

If it's not this, it sounds like something like it:
[ Link ]

Otherwise it's pretty mysterious. Go into event viewer and look for clues.

A.J. 09/18/2017.

conflicting software can kill it also, like multiple antivirus using the same resources.

could have deleted a critical file.

Windows 10 has built-in tools.
[ Link ]

i3-5005u dell with single stick 4gb ram running AVAST antivirus with 500gb toshiba hdd

Link speed can jump up and down, but shows very low in the report.

1) Check internet connection.

a) If you can use a cable, try ethernet direct cable and see if laptop is much faster.

b) Try wireless somewhere else.

2) Could be AVAST doing it.

3) Ram at 4GB is normally enough, but you have a second slot and can add a matching 4GB stick
[ Link ]

under £30

can be self-installed

Reason for 2GB Available RAM is 2GB allocated to the HD 5500 graphics

That's normal.

A matched pair of 4GB will maximize the HD 5500 performance and assure you have plenty of ram.