Which would be more scary to be in: F4 tornado or a 7.5 earthquake?

No Summertime 08/20/2017. 9 answers
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9 Answers

Art 08/06/2017.

F4 Tornado, if you are actually in it few would survive. A 7.5 earthquake depends more on where you are standing when it occurs, there are cities built to survive that level with minimum if any damage.

Gary B 08/06/2017.

Earthquakes arfe sxcary when youi see that buildings can fall on you.

So, when you get out of the cvity, where ther are no buildings, the earthquakes are NOT that scary.

A tornado can hiot you ANYWHRER

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Depends where I am at the time. In a highrise or in the middle of a field. A field is safe during an earthquake, a concrete bunker would be good for tornado. In my house a tornado.

CarolOklaNola 08/06/2017.

A 7.5 earthquake probably , BUT it would depend on how close MY location to the epicenter is.. I've been through many tornadoes, including EF 4 and EF 5 tornadoes, but I've never been where i was directly in the path of the tornado. and that includes the One that hit the hospital in Moore Oklahoma in 2013. When we had that 5.8 earthquake on September 3 last year i wasn't particularly scared. My cats gave me more than 20 minutes warning.

Melancholy 08/06/2017.

Dark sky, intense wind, rain and hail.. I have experienced and it was very frightening. Couldn't see because the wind and rain was so thick. I will say tornado.

Though an earthquake, I would imagine everything falling around you would be scary too..

Coffee 08/06/2017.

Id say the tornado

Mercyful Fate 08/06/2017.

F5 tornado

Kevy 08/06/2017.

Tornadoes they look scarier

Nicole 08/06/2017.

f4 tornado