Did Scotland ever have a civil war within Scotland? It seems that there are Scots who dislike other Scots.?

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Skoda John 08/05/2017.

Yes there were lots of clan wars.

poornakumar b 08/05/2017.

Some Scots not liking some other Scots doesn't mean they fight among themselves to a civil war pitch.

Art 08/05/2017.

Scotland was always at war with Scotland till the Stewarts. Even then the lowlanders and the highlanders never got along. Damn them lowlander Campbell's. There was no official civil war but there were no official piece. Clans fight clans and only unite for the Crown, well on occasion.

robert x 08/05/2017.

the clan system of scotland was rife with rivalry and there were always clan wars going on..

Mike 08/05/2017.

Someone I know named Campbell (from Texas) said she went to Scotland and wasn't allowed to stay at a hotel that had a sign "No Campbells Allowed".

Gray Bold 08/05/2017.

Yes. The Kingdom of the Picts as it was in the early 8th century, when Bede was writing, was largely the same as the kingdom of the Scots in the reign of Alexander I (1107–1124). However, by the tenth century, the Pictish kingdom was dominated by what we can recognise as Gaelic culture, and had developed a traditional story of an Irish conquest around the ancestor of the contemporary royal dynasty, Cináed mac Ailpín (Kenneth MacAlpin).

Kieran 08/05/2017.

There was civil strife between 1567-8 which was a coup replacing Queen Mary with her son James. Nearly every monarch since James I of Scotland was too young to rule, creating civil strife usually in a GoT backstabbing way rather than full-out war. James IV fought his own father in a civil war for the throne and James II died besieging a Scottish castle.

Scotland has had many civil conflicts, not to mention clan wars.

Lomax 08/05/2017.

The history of Scotland is a history of almost continual civil war - mostly undeclared.

Space precludes a complete answer, so here are some highlights -

The first King of Scotland is generally reckoned to be Kenneth I (Kenneth MacAlpin) in the late ninth century. Over the next two hundred years from him to MacBeth inclusive, Scotland had seventeen kings, of whom fourteen died violent deaths - mostly in battle against those who seized the crown, though a few were simply murdered. In all that time there is not one instance of a son succeeding his father as king.

Towards the end of the thirteenth century, the direct line of the Scottish kings died out (see The Maid of Norway). There immediately arose no fewer than thirteen claimants to the throne - the Competitors. Cue some spectacular in-fighting, which dragged in the English King Edward I, who was supposed to judge. Robert I (Robert the Bruce) ended up on top - though only after having fought both with Edward I and against him.

The Civil Wars of the seventeenth century were fought in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In Scotland, the fighting of Scot against Scot was particularly brutal. Look up the Marquess of Montrose.

In 1745 Charles Edward Stuart attempted to seize the crowns of both Scotland and England, to which he felt entitled. He started in Scotland, where his support was strongest, and when his attempt to march on London failed, he was pursued by government troops until his army was destroyed at the battle of Cullodden. More Scots fought against him that day than with him.

Those were some "highlights" - but over and above these were the interminable clan wars, and blood feuds that lasted from generation to generation.

It has been shrewdly said that the arch enemies of the Scots have always been the other Scots.

The Golden Emperor 08/05/2017.

Scotland has never had a civil war as such, but there have been plenty of inter-clan struggles and quite a lot of Scots fought against the Jacobites in 1745-6.

Squidmaster 08/05/2017.

No, but for a long time Scotland was a seperated group of individual clans who would sometimes war over territory or other grudges.

They were then invaded by the English and banded together, but the old clan grudges never really went away.

Doc 08/05/2017.

Well, y'see, there are highlands gentlemen, and then there are highlands gentlemen. Yeah, I know, it's complicated. Heck, I have enough trouble figuring out the Irish, and I'm half Irish!

STEPHEN 08/05/2017.

The history of Scotland is full of clan wars.