I love to write and come up with fiction worlds for story lines, but I am terrible at writing? Ideas, Tips?

MathCrazy 08/13/2017. 18 answers
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Coin Toss 08/06/2017.

Just get to writing. It doesn't even have to be good. Even something terrible is better than nothing. One thing I used to do is rewrite old fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel to make it something I would enjoy. Just start.

ominous127 08/06/2017.

My friend can't spell for the life of her, but she can tell stories. I'm good with coming up with them, and so I tell her my idea, and she writes it. Then I edit the spelling, and we have a book. We work as a team.

Athena 08/06/2017.

Learn your craft.

Writing, like carpentry, takes time, education, and practice.


Art 08/06/2017.

Read and read contemporary authors. Start as a novice simply learning the trade, move to journeyman where you can practice the trade, then try as best you can to move to master. Everything is a slow progression and builds on what came before. That is nature and that is civilisation.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 08/06/2017.

Learn to write

Nobody is ever going to pay you money to just make up ideas, until after you can prove you can sell ideas.

So your choice is to learn to write or learn to draw, because if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

Leisa 08/06/2017.

A few ideas:

Simply practice. No one is good at writing when they first start out. Buy some books from writer's digest & read blogs on the topic.

READ. Honestly, I've been writing since I was 13 and I still suck at it unless I'm reading something. It just really helps jog the old noodle.

Consider telling your story in other mediums. Are you good at art? Write a comic. Are you good with computers or math or programming? Design a small video game. Or screenplays, videos, anything really. You don't have to write to tell a story.

More than anything, however, if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to write a book: just write. It doesn't matter if you think you suck. Write it anyway. Just write the whole thing down until it's completely done without ever re-reading it or editing. Write until you're finished, put the book away for a month or so, then come back with a barf bag and some highlighters and edit that sucker. Read novels while you do this so you get an idea of what a published book should sound like.

Keep re-reading & editing until you're certain the book is as good as you can possibly make it, then give it to some beta readers. Surely, they will have some advice for you. Then edit again. Eventually, if you want to, you can submit it to be published and a professional editor will take a look for you and send you feedback.

So basically: practice, determination, discipline, and hard work are the only things that will make you better.

Sorry for the rant. Hope that helped :)

Cogito 08/06/2017.

Choose another hobby.

megalomaniac 08/06/2017.

Practice makes perfect (well at least you're going to get better). Just keep going. Follow your passion.

Mike 08/06/2017.

There are classes and books to help people write better.

You don't have to write well to enjoy writing.

Will 08/06/2017.

Just start off with jotting down notes, ideas, characters, settings, etc.. Once you have enough in front of you, you will be able to start writing the story

Lynda 08/06/2017.

You sound A LOT like me! My sister is my editor, I give her my story ideas, and she edits them. I ask her continuously how she does so good, and her answer every time is: "I love to read"

I'm not terribly fond of reading, and without reading, I'v gotten better. These are some things that helped me:

BE DESCRIPTIVE: When reading, it makes everything more interesting when it describes what's happening, where the characters are, and their background story of why they do what they do. For example: If you read a story that started with; 'I killed my sister.' Then went on about cows, it would make the book be way less interesting.

If you started a story with the same lines: I killed my sister. But had more details, and thoughts, it would make the reader relate to your character.

USE ADJECTIVES: This kinda has to do with being descriptive. What's more interesting?

A) The apple on the counter was red.

B) I fell in shock from the beauty of the apple on the counter. The light red color it usually was, had morphed into a deep blood red. The kitchens light reflected off of it, giving it a shine.

E.T.C (Adjectives, and description make stories longer too)

Hope this helped.

Juvia 08/06/2017.

Read. Write. Keep doing both. And just don't stop.

Changing 08/06/2017.

Practice...it takes a lot of practice to write well.

So read a lot..and write a lot.

You'll get there.

Uryu Ishida 08/06/2017.


-Well you can create a world of fairies, elfs, wolfs, vampires, ghosts, witches, magic users, Halloween themed, aliens, lions etc

-Your world can be a large world or a small world.

-You can even create parallel and alternate worlds

-Your world can be a peaceful or a violent world


-When writing about fictional worlds, you must stay calm and collected

-Take your time

-You can read other people's fictional worlds or something based on that.

-You can make your story original or a fan made thing of others

-Most importantly, use your imagination. Picture things in your mind to help you with your work.


ProfGene.Togolot 08/06/2017.

Get a book on creative writing. Read lots of top quality authors. Keep a notebook and jot down ideas you have or things you observe about people and places as you go about your daily lfie.

MsBittner 08/06/2017.

Most writers start out not very good at all. Like plenty of other artistic skills, it takes effort. I truly believe the saying that it takes 10,000 hours of study to be fully competent. For writers, that's writing right about 1,000,000 original words, all the while reading, taking classes in writing, getting feedback from people who know their stuff, and revising (although revising does not count toward your total words).

There was a time when I thought I was pretty good and couldn't see why I was having trouble selling my work. Now I look at those stories and see exactly what the issues were. It wasn't the stories, it was how poorly I wrote them.

Sir Caustic 08/06/2017.

Take up chess.

Marvinator 08/06/2017.

Start small. Dont write an entire story, write a paragraph or two about a story line. Or maybe write a description of a scene, bringing out the details you want.