Is sleeping pills and sleeping aid the same thing?

zaynab 08/20/2017. 5 answers
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I've bought some sleeping aids called herbal sleep aid but is it a sleeping pill? Also, what can i take to make me sleep longer?

5 Answers

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Marketed herbal sleeping aids are just dietary supplements. The herbal supplement industry does not have to provide evidence that their products do anything. Pharmaceutical sleep preparations have been rigorously tested for efficacy and most importantly, have an established dosage along with the benefit/risk ratio.

At the best, melatonin supplements 'might' offer you only an extra half hour of rest after you have been taking them for approx 10 to 14 days. Many people have not found them not to have any effect at all.

Insomnia is often a symptom of anxiety and/or depression. Re establishing proper sleep routines using proven sleep medication in conjunction with cognitive counselling might resolve your problem.

naughtydogg70 08/06/2017.

A sleeping pill is a type of sleeping aid, but some sleeping aids might not be pills.

sats 08/06/2017.

The sleeping aid will help you to relax so you can sleep well, the sleeping pill will mess with the chemicals in your brain and force you to sleep. To help you sleep longer take melatonin. It's a supplement, when taken on a regular basis will help your body to get proper rest. Our bodies are supposed to make melatonin but the fluoride in the water has disrupted our pineal gland and it doesn't always produce like it should.

Andy C 08/06/2017.

There is moo pill to make you sleep longer.

American 08/06/2017.

Yeah, same thing.