Do you think it's reasonable for a woman to chat loudly on the phone with her window open in a residential area at 5am?

yowsa 08/20/2017. 10 answers
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saucy minx 08/06/2017.

Nobody gives a sh*t.

Leonora 08/06/2017.

Rude cow.

Pearl L 08/06/2017.

no, its not, but it is summertime, maybe you should talk to her and tell her youre hearing her,when she knows you might know her business maybe then she'll stop

Daisy 08/06/2017.

No, it s not reasonable for somebody to chat loudly on the phone by an open window at 5 a.m.

People have no boundaries and are not aware of their actions- they are concentrating on their phone conversation, etc. I have to tell patrons in the library where I work to lower their voices while on their phones. We used to tell people to take their calls outside .... Now EVERYONE has a phone. So, as long as the talker is quiet and respects those around him/her we re o.k. with that.

As for your caller, if you know who it is, perhaps a gentle reminder about the hour and volume of the call is in order. If not, I suggest calling the police. They may not respond right away- since that would be a low priority for them.

River Euphrates 08/06/2017.

Contact the police and file a complaint.

Resist Wedding Industry LIES 08/06/2017.

It's not reasonable to unnecessarily disturb the neighbors in the wee hours of the morning.

Nicely ask your neighbor to stop doing this, explaining nicely why you are making the request. She may not realize she's disturbing you. If she responds negatively to your polite request, you might ask your other neighbors if they are being disturbed as well. If several other neighbors add their voices to the "please don't do this" request, she might comply for the sake of keeping peace with her neighbors.

If she persists despite the objections of multiple neighbors, you may have to involve some authority such a landlord, a home owners' association, or even law enforcement.

elj2017c 08/06/2017.

No but it's done. I really don't know why people feel they have to let others know their conversation when they're in public.

My name is not bruce 08/06/2017.

Women should not be heard

marys.momma 08/06/2017.

In certain neighborhoods, the people who could hear her would raucously join in on the conversation, to the point where she'd be so annoyed she'd close her window.

Today at five am somebody in a nearby apartment had their TV on already. Sure, it's been very hot during the day and early morning was the only time they could get some fresh air, but in consideration of other people silence should be the rule at that hour. After eight am, sounds from other homes would be more allowable.

Gary B 08/06/2017.

yes. It is HER home, and she can dio as she wants.

It may be RUDE, but iit IS reasonable.