Should President Trump allow cancer patients to treat their disease with natural remedies such as tumeric ??

William 08/17/2017. 17 answers
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Justin Thyme 08/03/2017.

He should stay out of such things.

m 08/10/2017.

he has no right to decide for anyone what to use or not use, neither does any mainstream medical pill pusher.

MadScientist 08/03/2017.

Well, anyone can do that now, all you have to do, is not go to the doctor, and suck down turmeric. Whether that's a good idea, is another story, but anyone is free to do that now, unless you're a parent, doing it to a minor.

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

They could treat it on their own I mean this is America & Trump or anyone should not be allowed to control anyone's decisions.

swbarnes2 08/03/2017.

The state has an interest in preventing quacks from tricking people out of their money, the same way it prosecutes other con men for fraud.

This has nothing to do with Trump.

Sorcerers Mistress 08/03/2017.

Trump has nothing to do with taking turmeric. If people have cancer they should be treated by qualified medical doctors. If they want to they should take natural remedies to relieve the symptoms and side effects like turmeric,ginger; A combination of medical and natural treatment.

Kyle 08/03/2017.

If it works.

george.p 08/03/2017.

Because America is too stupid to have state funded healthcare, there is nothing he can do. However, if you were to have a state healthcare system like the NHS in the UK, you should only be treated with proven medicines, not herbal bullshit

canadacraig 08/03/2017.

An ADULT should decide for him or herself how to treat their cancer. It's none of government's business.

Rick B 08/03/2017.

Trump has nothing to do with that. What is stopping a cancer patient from doing so???? It would be foolish since turmeric does not cure cancer, but patients are perfectly free to do that.

Keno 08/10/2017.

There was something in the news yesterday, about retards who treat their small children and babies for 'autism' caused by 'parasites'. They shove bleach up their bottoms until their bowel lining pops out of their butt.

This is what some term 'Darwin in action', and therefore all good fun and positive eugenics. But I think they should wait until the kids are old enough to tell them whether or not they are missing the lining of their rectums or not, and whether they wish to continue:

Doc 08/03/2017.

It's not up to him.

luddite 08/03/2017.

Let them die you mean, it'ss their choice.

Michael 08/03/2017.

why must a president interfere with people's Health knowing fully well that condition of cancer are different in every individual.Turmeric may work for others and not work in others

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

Turmeric has not been shown to treat cancer in humans. Trump is a clown president and certainly is not an authority of anything related to science.

'natural remedies' is a marketing slogan that is often used to sell you things that have either:

1, Have not been proven to work.

2, Have been proven not to work.

Gert 08/03/2017.

What does Trump have to do with it? He's not a doctor.

Anonymous 08/03/2017.

You can treat your illness however you want to. Unfortunately if millions of people lose their health care, the spice rack will be about the best they can do when their child has cancer....while citizens of places like Canada, Russia and Cuba would get the chemo free.

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