How do I make my hand writing messy?

Anonymous 08/16/2017. 10 answers
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10 Answers

jonesboob69 08/02/2017.

Take some shots before you right

CD 08/02/2017.

have a few drinks. that should do it

ProfGene.Togolot 08/02/2017.

If you are write handed try writing with your left hand or visa versa

Jay R 08/02/2017.

To make it look childlike, use your non-dominant hand.

To make it shaky, clench all the muscles in your upper arm and keep them clenched as you write.

Todd 08/02/2017.

Use your off hand. Even ambidextrous people, though, have a hard time doing that. The problem is that it's almost too obvious.

Answer 08/02/2017.

just use your other hand, e.g if you're left handed use your right

RR 08/02/2017.

Copy me.

chrisjbsc 08/02/2017.


Jojo 08/02/2017.

Spill your cup of coffee all over it!!!!

Dex 08/02/2017.

use your other hand