"If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain", is this statement mostly true?

Anonymous 08/22/2017. 16 answers
Politics & Government Politics

16 Answers

Art 08/01/2017.

Mostly BS. If you are poor at 25 you will be a liberal, if you are rich at 35 you are trying to hold on to what you have and become a conservative.

It's no power that corrupts, it is wealth.

Paul 08/01/2017.

Yes but Bernard Shaw's Statement comes from a time when everybody knew the difference . Today's liberal accepts capitalism and today's conservative accepts government money [as when the banks were given billions to save them from their stupid greed ] We are drifting towards totalitarianism from both parties even universities seem to be going towards totalitarianism when the students stop people from speaking

d_r_siva 08/01/2017.

Modern psychologists treat the period from 35 to 40

years as middle-age crisis period. Most of the people

may not feel much during this period. However for those

few persons who experience its full intensity, it will

be like a mini-death. In English, 'flourit' means the

age of dawning (flouring of wisdom; it also means the age of 40.

(See a multi-volume dictionary in a library). Energy in

the body will be at its highest during the youth period

from 25 to 40 years of age. Generally, Buddhi

(intellect) starts functioning after the age of 40

years, but it may take longer for others. You can not

blame a teenager or a youth for not having it. It is a

general observation that only person aged beyond 40

years are called intellectuals.

The general expression is "Life does not begin until 40."

LIFE BEGINS AT 40 -- "Middle age marks the start of a welcome new stage

of life. Maturity is the best time of life. Generally attributed to

American writer W. B. Pitkin (1878-1953).

Researchers from Great Britain and the U.S. analyzed data of more than two million people and spanning 35 years. They analyzed them for depression, anxiety, happiness and life satisfaction.

They found a U-shaped curve in which people reported being happiest in their 20s and in their 50s and older, but that both men and women were more likely to be depressed and were generally less happy in their 40s.

[ Wordpress.com Link ]

You might think that you become fully matur when you turn 21 but new research suggests that your brain does not stop developing until your late 40s.

[ Telegraph.co.uk Link ]

You Possess Actual Maturity at the age of 40.

[ Wisdompills.com Link ]

History knows that major inventions or

innovations in science were made by people

after the age of 24, and major achievement in

philosophy, history or literature after the

age of 40.

skumpfsklub 08/01/2017.

No, it's mostly hyperbole. As one gains . . . 'wisdom'. . . one finds something like a balance between the youthful (Liberal) urge to rewrite the rules, and the older (Conservative) turn of mind that wants NOTHING to change.

If you are a Democrat or a Republican, you kinda don't get it.

? 08/01/2017.

Yeah. By 45, you realize an effective society needs both parties to survive. One to provide the structure, one to advance the structure.

I'm somewhat liberal, and I would say that Liberalism is destroying everything and ruining the world... But I also think that extreme conservative elites own all mainstream liberal outlets.

runningman022003 08/01/2017.

May take a few years past 35 for some folks, and this is also apparently assuming you are not a Hollywood actor/actress who lives in their own liberal bubbles.

All hat 08/01/2017.

I think there's some truth in the concept - All kids want to change the world, and as you get older, you more appreciate the world as it is. A lot of kids' sense of adventure is, imo, based on the security that, like when you're a kid exploring your neighborhood, your home and parents and everything will be there when you return and you can't do any real damage to yourself or others even when you climb on the neighbor's roof or whatever. As adults, you more realize that it is a miracle really that we have as much safety as we do - you can drive through an intersection without getting T-boned, usually, and can buy what you need with money people will accept. You probably won't get nuked today, etc. You have internet. When you get kids in adult bodies, like we see today, they can fack things up way more than they appreciate - NK is a good example. That guy could bring about nuclear war, but in his mind he's just a child playing king of the hill. So ya, I think the older you get - and money - everyone wants to feed the homeless guy, but as you get older, you realize, who's going to pay for that? And all those things - I think it's normal to become aware of the value of some conservative ideas as you get older.

elj2017c 08/01/2017.

Not true for me. I'm a Christian, I have plenty of brains and a good heart.

Lomax 08/01/2017.

Pretty much - though I would substitute the words Idealist and Pragmatist.

The young are big on ideals - they see issues in black and white terms and demand utopia. With age comes the realisation that utopia is unattainable, and that systems that work are more important than systems that are perfect.

The young see compromise as betrayal. The mature recognise that compromise is the best we can hope for.

Unit 08/01/2017.

Yes it is very true. I am a cybernetic zombie vampire, I regularly eat hearts and brains.

Lapiz Dominoes 08/01/2017.

For too many, yes.

Freethinking Liberal 08/01/2017.

Its utter BS, conservatives NEVER have a brain or 'heart'

Professor Freedom 08/01/2017.

There are good reasons to believe that differences in political attitudes are largely imputable to tempermental differences. Apparently, liberals tend to be more agreeable and open to new experiences, whereas conservatives tend to be more orderly, as well as more disgust-sensitive.

That has nothing to do with how smart or educated you are. It simply means that different people respond more strongly to different problems. By the aforementionned observations, conservatives will react more strongly to changes in their environment, especially when said changes affect the clarity of distinctions that help them organize their lives. This might explain why so few conservatives are inclined to support welfare programs: the inequalities in socio-economic status makes for broad lines between different types of people and, even more so, between different types of behavior. It could also be tied to the seeming lack of conservative artists: people seldom are both very creative and very orderly. Perceiving imbedded patterns and extracting structure out of a mess is what artists do -- and this is likelier to happen for someone who leans to the left.

And, obviously, you need both types of people: if no one grapples with the possibility of changing the social environment, you can't update them to a shifting reality and it becomes systematically counterproductive; if no one bothers about maintaining order, you can't sustain any sort of stable environment and, manifestly, reality is something we only can manage through rough approximations. You need the structure to simplify our problems to just a few variables -- so we can actually do something --, but you kind of also need it to change sometimes.

If you absolutely need a counterexample to that claim, take me. I study in graduate school at the moment, so it's hard to argue that I am idiot -- and if you read some of my work, you would find this hypothesis even more ludicrous. I can garantee you that I never will be conservative, except perhaps in a world where the left sinks so low into postmodern philosophy and identity politics that quoting any modern political philosopher makes you conservative. I am way too agreeable for that to ever happen: I'll always worry about the little guy, even if I don't necessarily believe he is oppressed into being the little guy.

william 08/01/2017.

If you believe opinion polls that provide a breakdown of opinions by age, yes.

But I don't know many people it applies to in real life. I've become slightly more conservative on immigration and cultural issues as I've aged, and maybe a little anti-bureaucratic, but it hasn't really affected the way I vote as all the parties seem equally clueless at the moment. My family were always somewhat liberal and if anything my parents have moved further to the Left since they retired.

JORGE N 08/01/2017.

And a man like me, with no brain nor any heart? They call me "Inhuman". Perhaps in the next life, I will have a heart or a brain or both. But in this one, I don't have either.

emu567550 08/01/2017.

No since I don't live in the US.

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