Is it rude to invalidate someone when they say they have an boyfriend?

Anonymous 08/14/2017. 26 answers
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So I met this new girl at work and were all chilling in the breakroom and she was telling everyone about her amazing life and how amazing her boyfriend is. I confronted her in front of everyone and invalidated her by saying she doesn't have a boyfriend and she's just being fraud.

She got very angry with...

26 Answers

swbarnes2 08/07/2017.

WTF is WRONG with you?

Normal, healthy people don't write stories like this. You are sick. I bet people tell you so to your face every day.

tanner coleman 08/07/2017.


Pearl L 07/31/2017.

to be honest it was rude and maybe you owe her an apology big time

bluebellbkk 07/31/2017.



Anonymous 07/31/2017.

You sound like a troll. You can't be that socially are asking if it was rude? Why are you even asking, if you are wondering. If you cannot differentiate between rude and respectful on something as simple as got a problem with dealing socially in life. Of course, it's should know this lol.

Be happy with your own life and look at your own in order to not compare yourself to others and be that rude. Lol.

Cynthia 07/31/2017.

Absolutely your behavior was out of line. Why do you think it's okay to insert your opinion? It's never okay to cause anger and strife with others nor is it okay to ridicule or belittle others. Perhaps you shouldn't socialize with these people

mokrie 07/31/2017.

Yes, you were VERY rude and insecure. Why did you care?

LiverGirl98 07/31/2017.

Only you can know your intention behind why you choose to act in this manner so be open to reflecting on what happened. What drove your need to invalidate this person in front of your colleagues? Why was this necessary to make you feel better? Given you are now questioning your behavior, it is possible you are now thinking this was not appropriate nor professional. If the situation was reversed, how would you feel if someone deliberately tried to invalidate something that was important to you?

DR + Mrs Bears face 07/31/2017.

Hi you where sellout of order on many counts. people do have fantasy however you don't have the right to call her a liar as you don't really know her. bet they soon dispose of you with your attitude towards others. most defiantly not a team player.

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

I think so. Think of it in her perspective: some person that I just met called me a liar, made a scene, and embarrassed me, in front of everyone for no apparent reason. I think that if it really bothered you that much then maybe you should have approached her personally about it. It's not always best to jump to conclusions. You should probably apologize if you haven't already so that the incident doesn't put you guys on bad terms. Good luck :)

Sunday Crone 08/10/2017.

Beyond simply RUDE

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 08/09/2017.

You're a turd.

You know it. Everyone knows it.

You'd didn't "invalidate" anyone, you just acted like a complete turd.

Anonymous 08/09/2017.

Totally rude, she probably felt so embarrassed and it's bad enough starting in a new place. You should apologise infront of everyone. She's done nothing to you and it's not her fault that at this present time her life is good and you feel better then yours, jealousy is a nasty thing and only hurts people mainly yourself.also, you don't even know her or know what she's been through before reaching this good point in her life. You've probably ruined her whole experience of starting a new job. You acted like a jerk and should fix it unless you want everyone to assume you are a jerk because of a moment of being daft.

Trendsetter 08/07/2017.

You were extremely rude. You said you just met this person. So you are clairvoyant and know everything about them, right. Why would you even presume to call out someone on something you have no way of knowing. Sounds like acute jealousy to me.

Chanel 08/07/2017.

I was thinking what made her go on about her wonderful life. It sounds self centered to me.

Who does she think she is to feel that everybody at her work wants to know her personal business.

Next time don't listen. Pick up your phone and pretend you are reading messages or pick up a newspaper and concentrate on it. Give out the signals that you are not listening. It sounds like she wants an audience.

Pixel 07/31/2017.

You should have an affair with her imaginary boyfriend and then see what she thinks about that. Who knows maybe even get imaginary engaged. There is no limit to the possibilities in imagination land. I spend almost all my time there so I'm kind of an expert.

YPBMFM 07/31/2017.

You were rude, immature, insecure and petty.

sheloves_dablues 07/31/2017.

Absolutely you were rude. Are you 12?

Anser 07/31/2017.

Yes, incredibly rude. Jealous much? Apologize to her and everyone else that had to listen to your high school antics. Hopefully, there isn't any repercussions from this.

Cogito 07/31/2017.

Yes - rude, disrespectful and potentially cruel.

There was no reason for you to say anything at all.

You were all just chilling. She was sharing her happiness.

Why would you disbelieve her?

Unless you had evidence that she was lying, there was no reason to think she was not being truthful.

But even if she was lying - she must have needed to make all that up to feel happy with herself.

She had no obligation to prove her story to you - any normal person would have accepted what she said and would not have been so judgemental and quick to doubt her.

I'm not surprised that everyone called you rude and jealous.

What you said was nasty.

Grunkle 08/09/2017.

Not a board game question.

Anonymous 08/07/2017.

You were rude AND stupid. No doubt your superiors will find out about your childish drama, and hopefully, fire both of you. At work, be courteous. If you do not want to listen to gossip or crap like she was spinning, just sit there and play with your phone, or go somewhere else. It's NONE of your biz whether she has a boyfriend or not. BTW, you sound very, very jealous, so it's clear that you're not getting any from anywhere.

Gert 07/31/2017.

You basically called them a liar. Huge faux pas.

Gary B 07/31/2017.

it is rude because you can;t prove it.

Accusing a co-worker of lying is a good way to get dired.

g 07/31/2017.

Well yes it was rude. Who are you to challenge others on their personal lives??

Mari ♥ 07/31/2017.

You bring shame to the word "rude"! Your heart is corrupt..... - Download Hi-Res Songs