Is the Desecration of Marriage by individuals who like to engage in sodomy a non-issue ?

Dale Cooper 08/23/2017. 7 answers
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Tax Robber likes to think so.

7 Answers

old dude 08/02/2017.

Far too much time has been spent on this issue .......what bothers me is the backlash from the gays if anyone dares to criticize them ..............seriously there acting like the Gestapo

Anonymous 08/02/2017.

Once again Bolter is right, this is a diversion from Labor's incompetence. Given the relative irrelevance of this issue I think a tactical retreat might be the best way forward for the LNP so real issues can dominate the campaign and Labor can be exposed for the idiots they are. Just remember gay marriage can be repealed at a later date, Labor's plan to bring in 100,000s of military aged Muslim men into the country can't once Labor fast track their citizenship.

old timer 08/02/2017.

Explain in detail the meaning of desecration of marriage dipstick, how is anal intercourse desecration of marriage if it's consensual, what about oral sex is that a desecration as well, anything goes in sex and marriage if it's consensual. what a boring life you lead, and I can speak for myself thank you, I don't need you answering your own question for me.

Pem 08/02/2017.

Cheaters, wife bashers, 6 week marriages aka Britney Spears, marriage as the prize in reality television etc. have done the job of desecrating marriage already.

Power Flower 08/02/2017.

Desecration? I thought the british and greeks insisted upon it!

Steve S 08/02/2017.

Is there enough poofters for it to even warrant parliament wasting time talking about it?

How many poofters are there really I don't know any

tentofield 08/02/2017.

If, by sodomy, you mean anal intercourse then worldwide most people engaging in it are heterosexual and many of them are married. Millions of gay men do not practice anal intercourse and it is just about unknown among lesbians. How is it a "desecration of marriage"?