Just bought a car from a dealer as is. As soon as i got home noticed that the car started smoking. What are my options? What should i do?

Baha 08/14/2017. 24 answers
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24 Answers

Mr.357 08/07/2017.

1. Drive it with the smoke.

2. Take it somewhere to have it repaired.

Anonymous 08/07/2017.

No options at all ... the as is thing kills any chance in court to get a refund. Happen to me in 2001, went to court lost.. i could have spent that money on repairing the car

Art 08/07/2017.

As is? you pay your money and you take your chances. Here you can take it back within 48 hrs and get your money back but that's a local rule.

Anonymous 08/07/2017.

Some jerk did that to me too, I was stuck with the car, sometimes you get tricked. If you want to do something then do it quick and then maybe you might have a chance at something.

Love big words 07/31/2017.

Options are zero.

fire4511 07/31/2017.

As Is means that anything that happens after you take possession of the vehicle is your problem If the car was to break in half, you would be the proud owner of both pieces

Take the car to a qualified mechanic (something you should have done PRIOR to purchase) and have them determine the problem and the cost to repair it.

The dealer is not responsible, and is not going to pay for any repairs

Holliday 07/31/2017.

You should only buy a car as is if you are a mechanic or took one with you... Dealers want the most money possible they have mechanics of the car is as is there is something way too expensive for them to fix...

Gatsby216 07/31/2017.

Key info here, list the make, model,year, miles and price. Was this a cash sale or buy here pay here?

Did you have a mechanic look at the car?

Did you check out the dealers google reviews and BBB ratings?

In short you simply need to use negotiation tactics. You have no legal standing, but that does not mean you there is nothing to do.

1.Get an independent mechanic to look at the car. Tell them you just bought it. What is the needed repair and does it appear there was a cover up? Have them write up an estimate, and make note if anything was tampered with or shady happened.

2. Go back to dealer, and say...The car is having an issue. This started a few minutes after I drove off the lot. I understand it was an As Is sale, but this does not seem fair. Would you like to look at it or have me take it to a mechanic you use? Be prepared, have a friend ready nearby to pick you up. The only issue here is many times the dealer will simply try to do a better job of covering up the problem that they were aware of when they sold it, so in fact they may make the problem worse. And example is if there is a transmission problem they put heavy oil in there so it works for a few weeks. Then when it fails they say, Oh we fixed it, it ran for 4 weeks, not our problem. This is why you need the original mechanic info. DO NOT tell the dealer you know what the issue is.

3. If they decline to fix it you simply need to write them a short letter and send via certified mail. Keep it short and to the point. List the facts, and say they knew there was a defect and took direct action to conceal the defect. I have included a copy of an estimate from a reputable repair shop. I would ask that you pay for this repair. You can send a check directly to the shop and i will send you a copy of the final invoice for your records. You are getting them to think...this person is not going away.

Call and ask how they plan to resolve this issue. Log the calls. Do not swear or threaten or pull the old ...I WILL SUE YOU!!! . That will not work. Do research, make sure you find the actual owner, not the guy running the store that says he is the owner.

Send a second letter stating...You have not responded in writing with a plan to fix the issue listed on the first letter. Then call in few days....I am just checking did you get my letter? Keep ALL paper work and copies of certified mail receipts.

Then you write the BBB. Then the next week you write the state dealer association. You point is the car was sold As Is, and you get that, but there was an intent to hide a known issue. And that is much different from a belt breaking after 600 miles.

Then but a very simple and FACT based bad review on google, note FACTS, no written response to letters one and two, 14 calls made and not one call back from the owner. I have copy of repair estimate that shows this was a known issue to the dealer.

And if maybe hire an attorney to look this over and call them. That might solve it.

Justsaying 07/31/2017.

You have no options. You bought it "as is". You can go back and ask the dealer if there is anything he can do, but don't count on it.

D J 07/31/2017.

Get it to a shop & pay for the repairs, unless you state has a legally imposed period to change your mind. As is means, it's your problem.

mccoyblues 08/07/2017.

Don't listen to the noise.

This is what you need to do. Call the dealer and tell them you are returning the car. Then drive it back to the dealership and calmly and respectfully discuss your concerns with the dealer. Ask for a full refund. In the end you'll negotiate a resolution, hopefully something you can live with. They should be able to trade you into another car that doesn't have the problems this one does.

ElGrande 08/07/2017.

Folks, Lemon Laws have NOTHING to do with some magic return period immediately after a sale.

Mari- what is the BBB going to do? They are powerless. They're an ancient dinosaur of an organization, and I'm amazed people still believe that business give two sh**s what the BBB rates them. They'll send the complaint to the dealer, and the dealer will either answer it (with "we helped fix it" or "we told the customer to go fly a large kite"), and the BBB will consider the matter closed at that point. They have no legal authority to force an issue to be fixed.

Lemon Laws are some of the most misunderstood ones on the books. Older vehicles sold "as is" are almost 99% NEVER covered under any magic Lemon Law.

"As is" means exactly that.

Windowphobe 08/07/2017.

And you test-drove this thing how far, exactly?

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

AS is means exactly that. If the wheels fly off as you leave the lot...it is YOUR PROBLEM. Either you know how to fix it cheap(the reason WHY the car does not demand BRAND NEW pricing) ; so you were suppose to take that "into account when buying USED". There is no guarantee that it will break down on you(some just don't die) for years.

. Or it does break down on you. You are accepting the responsibility of "Whatever may come your way" whenever that may be.

. You may WIN or you may LOSE.(some). You still have the car, so you can sell it to another buyer telling him nothing because you are not a mechanic.

Scott 07/31/2017.

The first thing you should do is learn the meaning of "as is". You need to figure out why your car is smoking and then fix it.

Edit: Lemon laws don't apply to used cars and the ONLY state that gives you 3 days to change your mind is California. Even then, it is an option you have to purchase at the time of sale.

bo 07/31/2017.

no options you bought "as is" all problems on you

Never 07/31/2017.

Learn from your mistake.

A longer test drive might have exposed that.

Niko 07/31/2017.

Get it fixed at your own expense. Contrary to popular belief, lemon laws ONLY apply to NEW cars.

DCM5150 07/31/2017.

You should never by a car "as is" without a mechanic you trust looking at it

Check your state lemon laws (many times these only apply to new cars or for the length of the original warranty if it is used). There is some protection in certain states, but for used as-is cars it may be minimal if at all. But, take it back to where you bought it as soon as possible (as long as it is drivable) and see if they will do anything. At least you will have a record of the problems. If you don't feel it is drivable due to smoking, at least try to get some pics/video of it.

J E T H R O 07/31/2017.

AS IS means no warranty . The second you paid for it all good and bad became your problems. You should of had someone inspect it before buying.. Enjoy your new car.

M. 08/07/2017.

Your options?

1. Keep it.

a. Drive it as-is.

b. Repair it.

2. Get rid of it. That means sell it or trade it.

Your options with the dealer:

1. Returning it - no chance, unless your state has a return period. Find out immediately.

2. Pay the dealer to repair it - Will be expensive.

Mari ♥ 08/07/2017.

NOT SO FAST! Several years ago the federal government put several laws in to place about car dealings, aka: lemon law and I forget the others but, none the less, as a buyer, you do have recourse even on a "as is".

So contact your Better Business Bureau for starters. They could have the laws on this.

STEPHEN 07/31/2017.

You bought it "as is". Your options? Get the car fixed at your own cost.

Mel 07/31/2017.

#1 - You should have bought a mechanic with you.

#2- In certain states you have a 3 day period to take the car back according to the Lemon law.

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