Why did the USA not invade Germany in World War 1 and thus prevent World War 2?

Anonymous 08/21/2017. 21 answers
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Athena 07/31/2017.

Actually we did.

That is what stopped the Great War..

Dj2541 08/07/2017.

The main reason was that the American Armed forces in WW 1 were a bit of non event militarily. Borrowed equipment, poorly trained, they may have found taking on an invasion of the German homeland, with its still standing Army a bit of an ASK???

Socrates 08/07/2017.

What? Do you think they or any of the WWI Allies had a time machine to tell them what they should do. Maybe they ignored General Nostradamus's advice? The Allies were spent by the end of the war. Any army jumps for joy when the other side surrenders.

The first seers of the future saw nothing at this point. This only started to happen a year or so latter, after hostilities were over, with the outcome of the Treaty of Versailles started to be experienced by Germany.

yankee_sailor 08/07/2017.

Athena touched some European's nerves, there

cymry3jones 08/07/2017.

To hell with Europe! The US didn't come into WW1 until April 6th 1917. It was also only dragged into WW2 after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941. Reluctantly it declared war on Japan (one of the Axis powers) and, as a result, Germany and Italy declared war on the US on 11th December 1941.

Talk about 'special relationships'!

You might also take a look at the link below, and the fact that, at the Conference of Evian, convened by FDR, in 1938, Hitler asked the 33 countries who participated, to take in the German Jews. With the exception of the Dominican Republic, which offered to take 100,000, they all refused. It has been reported that Hitler said something about hypocrisy.

armouror 07/31/2017.

the Americans caused WW2

you cannot Fund hitler from 1924 then Lend him 840,000,000 in 1933 and Blame WW2 on the Treaty of


without Standard Oil No Food and Oil

without SKF of Philidelpia the germans would have Ground to a halt in 1942

without ALCOA selling 73% of what it Produced to the Nazis Germany could not Build aircraft

with Bird eye feeding the Germans they would have starved

so at what Point would the USA entering WW1 in 1914 would it have stopped Corporate USA and Wall S

Funding Hitler and the Nazis

[ Reformed-theology.org Link ]

[ Reformed-theology.org Link ]

SSS 07/31/2017.

First of all, the people who caused World War II weren't around during World War I and second, America had no business getting into the First World War. I wonder if the Japanese hadn't bombed Pearl Harbor then maybe America wouldn't have entered Second World War either. The best way to prevent Second World War was to prevent Adolf Hitler from becoming the dictator of Germany in his early years in power had anybody known of his ambitions.

Elaine 07/31/2017.

One of the last soldiers to be killed before the Armistice took place was an American soldier. The US entered the war after the sinking of the Lusitania.

staisil 07/31/2017.

The United States had a foreign policy of neutrality at that time. It was Europe's "appeasement" of Germany that led to World War II.

Daniel 07/31/2017.

nothing would have prevented ww2. Even if hitler was never born there would still be a ww2. The germans were humiliated after ww1 and very angry at the state of their country and wanted to expand.

policy enforcer 08/07/2017.

Biscuits and gravy made me a man. Come biscuits and gravy, all fit for a king.

tom 08/07/2017.

No clue my broski

Alesha 08/07/2017.

Because the Germans surrendered before we got near their borders. The German Army was disintegrating, the people were starving from the blockade, Ludendorff and Hindenburg figured they had no choice.

Don't Fear The Reaper 07/31/2017.

The border areas of Germany WERE occupied by some US and Allied forces. The US reduced it's forces just as fast as it built them up. No interest and no need to further intervene with a Germany wide occupation. Germany was supine. No Kaiser either. Economically/militarily broken and starving.

WW2 could have been stopped by more determined British and French adherence to Versailles Treaty. But, the political will had waned. Hitler first rebuilt the air forces. Then restored the Wehrmacht. Then occupied the Ruhr. Not one protest.

France briefly re-occupied the Ruhr inn the 20's. Over reparations.

RR 07/31/2017.

Do you think USA was on its own?

USA committed 4.4 million soldiers to WW1

Britain and the Commonwealth committed 8.7 million

France committed 8.4 million

Italy committed 5.6 million

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

All the USA had to do was join the League of Nations to help give it some teeth, but they couldn't manage to do that.

Tim D 07/31/2017.

Because Germany sued for peace before any invasion took place, to restart the war in order to prevent a possible future war would not be politically acceptable to any of the participants, including Britain and France who had fought the war for years and lost generations.

Ms. Clones 07/31/2017.

The Armistice of November 11th 1918 brought all fighting to an end before any invasion of Germany happened. The Germans surrendered because they were economically devastated.


Gigapie 07/31/2017.

The USA did invade Germany in WW1, you idiot. My grandfather (yes, I'm old) was a U.S. Marine and fought in Germany.

Lucifer Morningstar 07/31/2017.

Because the allies wanted peace immediately.

exactduke 08/07/2017.

Yep we should have. Blackjack Pershing wanted to continue into Germany. But the politicians called him & the rest of the generals off. At a minimum, we should have taken the German soldiers back into Germany under guard. They didn't do that, which gave rise to the "we weren't beaten on the battlefield, but were stabbed in the back" mentality.

Hindsight is always 20-20.