Upstairs neighbors are stoners, what can I do about the smell?

Jillian_R 08/22/2017. 6 answers
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First off, I m not inclined to take any legal action or ask them to stop. I m attending college and our apartment isn t too far from campus, so this was expected. I just want to know what we can do to keep the smell out of OUR apartment. We re currently putting dryer sheets in the air vents and using some scentsy...

6 Answers

Lava 08/01/2017.

Go up and knock. Trust me, they will want to know, because if you smell it downstairs likely the next door upstairs people smell it too, and only morons don't care who smells pot around their house if it's not legal where they live. So discretely mention it to them, and ask them if they could take some steps to minimize the smell. They're stoners, not meth heads, you'll be fine asking them to consider a vaporizer or air filter or at least use dryer sheets on their own vents.

ckngbbbls 08/01/2017.

instead of dryer sheets in the vents, you can buy filters for the vents and those can help with odor.
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You can also suggest your stoner neighbors do the same thing. Tell them you don't want them to get busted in case some NOSEY Nancy comes around and decides to call the cops.

You can also get super filters for your furnace that will do the same thing; help eliminate odors as air circulates.

My son smoked cigarettes and "other stuff" in his bedroom and the smell came into mine via the air return and I stopped the problem with filters. It costs a bit more but I felt it was worth it.

swbarnes2 08/01/2017.

Complain to the landlord. Or move out, make sure the landlord knows why. They do not want someone making their apartment smell, driving out tenets.

Pyro 08/01/2017.

Just ask em to put a towel down the cracks I.e gaps in the bottom of door, vents etc or get some auto freshener dispenser.

If not just put up with it.

Anonymous 08/01/2017.

I had a problem with cigarette smoke and it was coming through a solid wall with no windows. I think it was so dense it came through the electrical outlets or through the attic past the trap door. I taped it all up which helped. Eventually the smoker (who I never saw) was evicted. Smoking was prohibited.

In your case, I think it is the idea more than the smell. Non-pot-smokers associate it with slum & cockroaches. You might ask them to close the window involved. Don't be confrontational. They might be immature.

sharkman2003 08/01/2017.

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