How many books have you read in your life?

Savas 08/21/2017. 10 answers
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How many books have you read in your life?

What is your job?

10 Answers

Jacques 08/07/2017.

more than 1000

Savas 07/31/2017.

Thank you all for the helpful answers!

Jackie 07/31/2017.

At least 100 but probably not more than 200. I work in a water treatment plant and before that I was a soldier.

Jonny Cake 07/31/2017.

No idea. I stopped counting when I was 8 or 9. A couple of thousand? Who knows


Voelven 07/31/2017.

Thousands. I lost count already as a child. All my pocket money was spent on books (and a binoculars after months of saving). :)

Right now I'm a art and language teacher (adults), text writer, translator, proofreader, and artist.

ajtheactress 07/31/2017.

I've probably read well over 15,000 books in my life.

I'm a working actor.

emu567550 07/31/2017.

More than 500.My job is a student, in future I would like to be a pharmacist and a freelance part time artist.

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

More than I can count. I estimate 100 per year as an adult, and 200 per year when I was younger. I'm pushing 50, so that would be 4000-5000.

I work in IT, doing system administration, network administration and general end user support.

Michael 07/31/2017.

Every harry potter book, every dragon book all of the lotus war trilogy and it's prequels, The Belgariad series, the firs t book in the series after that, and more.

choko_canyon 07/31/2017.

Hundreds. I'm an art adviser/consultant.