How did the United States get sucked into being the world's policeman?

Anonymous 08/22/2017. 25 answers
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Seems like a dumb concept.

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Lauren 08/08/2017.

I feel because they fought for freedom and understand how wonderful it is to not be oppressed. They don't like to see others taken advantage of or enslaved

Art 08/08/2017.

They like to see themselves that way, most of the rest of the world sees them as bullies.

7.5 billion people in the world and 43% of 350,000,000 people know what is the only right way to do things . Think that over and then think what democracy is supposed to mean. I should note that , that is actually less than 23% of 350 million who actually voted for the present US government.

Dj2541 08/08/2017.

The United States HAS NEVER EVER done anything in its whole history that wasnt motivated by its own self interests, self profits,self aggrandisement and world power building!!!

The USA has ALWAYS supported Military dictatorships,Genocidal governments and attempted to destroy legitimate elected governments all over the world.

And you suggest that the USA is "The World Policeman", what a joke !!!!!!!

Mercury 08/01/2017.

It seems the USA wants that job.

armouror 08/01/2017.

Rubbish in 1972 when the British Closed down all its bases east of suez and reduced its navy by 30%

the USN almost Collided with the RN to take over and failed to do the Right thing

Somali Pirates are the result of the Ineptness of the US Military Policing we British never had them

because of the Somali Pirates the RN was called in to help solve the Problem

the US policing the planet RUBBISH read on

The UK has had to scale back its commitment to counter-piracy because the Royal Navy no longer has enough warships to dedicate one to Somalia all year round.

While the US, France, Italy, Denmark and other nations still send frigates to thwart criminals who cause havoc with international trade, the Guardian has learned that Britain has quietly withdrawn its ships from these patrols, even though David Cameron has made Somalia's piracy problem a foreign policy priority.

so much for the USA taking over more like Talking over to shut up anyone who knows the Truth

SSS 08/01/2017.

It comes with being a superpower. If you're the superpower, the most powerful country in the world, then how would you want to react with all other less powerful countries? Being a policeman of the world sounds best, doesn't it?

cymry3jones 08/01/2017.

Self appointed and dumb.

Athena 08/01/2017.

Everyone else wanted the Americans to do it.

That way you can silently relish in the peace and you don't have to pay for it.

Look at Syria, who cheered when the twin towers fell, yet cried "Where is America" hen the civil war did not go their way.

Your Word is a light to my roadway 08/01/2017.

Probably by having two communist countries, Cuba and Russia, try to place ICBMs just a few miles off their shores. Now they're trying to keep their eyes on everybody.

Daniel 08/01/2017.

after ww2 europe was left defenseless, america stepped in to save what was left of post war europe, essentially policing the states one by one. USA also made a treaty with japan that vetod all of japans offensive forces in exchange the USA promised it's armies as japans defense force. USA is the world biggest global super power that could even perhaps rival the hyper power of the british empire on it's best day. With such power comes a responsibility not only to planet earth but to it's allies and cultral homelands in which most of the US is descendant from. The US has huge vested interests in europe and therefore must protect it from harm.

Billandhiscats 08/08/2017.

Because if you develop a big head and a loud mouth, continually tell everyone what a great guy you are , and live far enough away out of the 'trouble zones'; then eventually someone tired of hearing you rant on will suggest that you put your action where you mouth is.

Having received such a response it become very difficult NOT to do something about, for you will end up looking a complete Prat. Even if your not up to the task, you then gotter try, haven't you ?

Kate 08/08/2017.

Self appointed, not appointed by any other country. The Politicians in America like to kid themselves that USA is the greatest and most powerful country in the world.

Tom B 08/01/2017.

1898.Spanish American....then...a ***** Brit named House 1914 under idiot pres lier...1920. 1929 .Hey-o...we can employ Peeples fer wars ..makes da money ands feels IMPORTANT....

TS 08/01/2017.

They didn't get sucked into anything.......

Its a Shakespearean doctrine the USA follows to capitalize.......

"In order to be the hero (or policeman.....your words) there must be a villain....if there is none you create them".

This is how English and the dollar became dominant worldwide.........

Policeman get paid........and the usa get paid well (in many forms) for policing the world.........

Use Iraq and Syria as examples among many to validate my position.

expat 08/01/2017.

after the demise of the UK

Brian 08/01/2017.

It's time for Canada to step up to the plate and spend their money.

John P 08/01/2017.

As the successor to the UK which seemed to be the world's policeman at one time.

Anonymous 08/01/2017.

Because it is the leading exporter of major arms and spends more of its federal budget on defense than any other nation. With that bellicose stance it was inevitable that it was seen (and accepted) as a superpower and defender of its allies.

bn4md 08/01/2017.

Obsession of power tends to do that.

In return for their protection, they get free access to the other country's resources and make demands that the other country has to give in to. The ultimate goal is to steal their power away from them and become the rulers - just like the United States government is doing to their own people.

It's funny how Americans can see the writing on someone else's wall, but they're ignorant of the writing on their own wall.

poornakumar b 08/08/2017.

Geo-political & ultra-protected location of USA. In its geographical setting USA wouldn't have any scope for adventure & adrenaline-injected activity. It can get that only overseas, the more distant the better.

Treece 08/01/2017.

Self appointed. The United States developed a 'hero complex' after they 'saved Europe's ***' in WWII.

Jackie 08/01/2017.

The US didnt get sucked into it, we volunteered to go out and dominate the political and economic systems of other countries in order to expand the wealth of our empire. Calling ourselves "police" was just a PR scheme. Our foreign policy is dictated by financial interests, not humanitarian ones.

Anonymous 08/01/2017.

Because Americans have this rather strange idea that all the world wants to be like them. It doesn't.

With the Marshall Plan they bought their way into a lot of countries and interfered in many other regions, eg Israel which has helped keep the Middle East at war ever since.

Innocent Victim 08/01/2017.

Volunteered for it. In order to protect the country's economic interests, which is to say, the fat cats, military might is projected globally.

Anonymous 08/01/2017.

Invading Iraq just for Oil

Dead of kaddafi

WW2 Hitler actually sovjet unie did more.

Next wil probably Be north korea but that is their own problem

Sorry but USA play the world police! by themselves.

No one forced them.