I can't control my anger over what Nazis did to Poland in WW2?

Anonymous 08/13/2017. 25 answers
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Especially how they killed 250,000 alone in the Warsaw uprising. I just want to kill them all and erase their people...I want to slaughter their nation and destroy it to the ground for what they have done to my country. Please I need to advise on how to control this as it's so powerful, I just want to erase and...

25 Answers

Innocent Victim 08/06/2017.

You do realize that the ones who did that are all dead, or near death, right? My younger brother can't control his anger over what the Japanese did to the Chinese in some war or other, and we're not even Chinese. To you both, I say just let it go.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Yeah, was really bad.

what was worse though was the way the allies- America and Britain, gifted Poland to the Russians and the Poles to generational slavery.

bluebellbkk 08/06/2017.

There is nothing you can realistically do, except keep the memory alive.

vulcan_alex 08/06/2017.

Get professional help, and if you understand what happened it was a religious group mainly that was effected. Many of them got their justice by losing the war, having trials, and being humiliated after the war.

Billandhiscats 08/06/2017.

When you view the activities of man when it sets out to cause conflict to another, than all thoughts of 'reason behaviour' no long apply. Total control and elimination is the order of the day, and it is in the national

interest that it is successful, whatever the means of getting there. Consider the huge loss of life during the 39 - 45 war and that was considered normal and expected. Look at the first world war cemeteries of France , terrible losses which even today justify the annual ceramonies of great loss, yet it is well to remember that after the conflict was settled, 25 years later we passed that way again , and were prepared to cause the same slaughter if required.

Man is incapable of learning by his mistakes, his greed and personal ambitions dominate his thoughts, and if he slaughters a few thousand folk to achieve his ambition, he regards himself as very efficient and totally successful. Would suggest that you broaden your point of view to observe ALL such conflicts such as India where we blew Sepoys from the guns, and it not a good idea to think of the British atrocities committed during the Boar war. You will of course have seen the official newsreel of the Russians attempting to remove Berlin from the face of the earth, or read the Hamburg Fire Chiefs account of the continuous fire storm laid down by our bombers.

Suggest that under such circumstances, its best not to enquire too closely for there are a hell of a lot of unpleasant incidents tucked away in the back of the cupboard.

Mercury 08/06/2017.

Your left it a bit late.

John P 08/06/2017.

But note that at the end of WW2 Poland had been given about a hundred miles of eastern Germany.

armouror 08/06/2017.

News Flash 97% of the Nazis are dead and the few left are over 90 and 1/2 of them are women

SSS 08/06/2017.

You should pray for the departed souls, that would calm you down. As for the Nazis, you should work on how to prevent another Nazi-like state from ever coming up in the world again.

Kalico 08/06/2017.

Well, here's what your choices are: (a) go back in a time machine and go fight the Nazis... there aren't too many around right now that can stand up unaided since they're so old and feeble; (b) go take your psychotropic pills, get back in your little cage and take a nap... the nurse will give you a nice glass of milk and a cookie afterward.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Du bist 77 Jahre zu spät, mein Junge. Ziehen Sie die Alufolie in Ihrem Hut, ändern Sie Ihre Medikamente und suchen Sie Hilfe.

Ach ja, übrigens: Sieg Heil!

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

War is no game. Let it go. My mom(Polish) married a (German) because both of them were too young to be in the war. Till death do them part. My dad died first so 57 year of marriage and my mom lives on and she is in her mid 80's. So those Nazi's who are still alive(if any as they were hunted down so they got them all, they think)would be 90+years old. Those would have been kids at the time, followers, not leaders. Not all Germans were Nazi's as many did not get involved in politics.

Dan 08/06/2017.

You weren't even alive, shut up.

tom 08/06/2017.


Anonymous 08/06/2017.

OK, so you can't control your anger, but what is your question? According to forum rules you are required to ask one. Instead you have earned a report for ranting, chat, and for not adhering to the question-answer format.


Anonymous 08/06/2017.

And how do you feel about the Soviets who sat back and re-armed while watching the Nazis attack Warsaw?

Poland had a lot to feel anger about but now is really too late for revenge. Or demanding reparations from Germany, which I see they just have raised again.

emu567550 08/06/2017.

They are dead. You can not bring them back to life.

BeefWellingtonGotRoasted9340 08/06/2017.

Latin American here. The Spanish came and killed my ancestors, I can understand the war and abuse especially my mother's home country had a genocide in the 50's to 80's. I am not upset from it but every history has a dark side in it and if you want all Germans to suffer then you become like the people you hate.

1. The criminals during the war and the Nazi's are all dead.

2. Germany educates on WW2 to make sure it doesn't happen again. Pretty much history shame on them.

3. The people of German are a new generation not like the older generation.

I know it's awful so many lives lost, I absolutely hate war but In the States I felt so bad for Poland especially first to be invaded and high Jewish population and then USSR, etc. However, at the end of war there were judges and execution happened for the Nazis to face and go in prison. Your country had justice but in Latin American country it took forever to get the General to be in jail and the soldiers never faced criminal charges. It was awful about 250,000 lost and there was a point of camps only for the Natives. I know a guy who lost his mother in a village raid and forced to work in the orphanage and bunch of kids got high off of glue. I'm giving an emotion example but this history has no direct impact on your life and your lose. That guy moved to U.S. and now has a family, but he doesn't want more death or have total hatred on the government. He lost his family but he still moved on. It's a painful history, what matters mostly is not petty revenge or else if it were a case there would be more bloodshed. It's important to make friendship between nations in order to have peace. Many people lost their lives and I understand it's not fair, but at least acknowledge it and accept that the Germans aren't the same as they were or the same individuals.

AndyF 08/06/2017.

Yes they did terrible things to the people and it should not be forgotten.

If you were to follow through with your thoughts, turning into action, then you would have become the thing you hate. Wouldn't that be the ultimate victory for the Nazis ?

Maybe turning your energy into working to make sure it can't happen again would bring you some comfort and purpose in your life. Best wishes.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Probably Iraqis cant control anger of Americans Invading iraq and kill many iraqis Just for oil and torture iraqis in Prisons By American soldiers

Get over it You talk like your Most important guy in the world.

sirbobby98121 08/06/2017.

Seek professional help - there is effectively no one left alive who had anything to with WWII.

Guru Hank 08/06/2017.

Are you going to 'freak out'? Pics or its not real.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

You're just a Jew

The uberman was and is and has always been right all along

Jackie 08/06/2017.

Just go back in time and kill all those Nazis then.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Think what they did to Leningrad: 1,000,000 dead in the three year siege. Get some perspective - 75 MILLION in China's catastrophic Cultural Revolution. Forgive (as Ben Gurion once said) but never Forget.