Who will be the 2020 Democratic Nominee?

Ian 08/25/2017. 14 answers
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14 Answers

Jon 08/04/2017.

I think Joseph Kennedy, III, should run. He's young, smart, charismatic, and good looking to boot. I think he could stomp the living crap out of any Republican out there.

Scooby 08/04/2017.

A Liberal.

Weasel McWeasel 08/04/2017.

God Willing..................Joe Biden!

josh 08/04/2017.

Joe Biden or jerry Brown

Lucifer Morningstar 08/04/2017.

Hopefully that idiot Pelosi runs so she can be Trumped as well.

Sally 08/04/2017.

Too soon to know.

Clive 08/04/2017.

How do you expect anyone to know BEFORE the primaries?

Billy 08/04/2017.

It doesn't matter because whoever it is, he/she/it will be wasting their time.

regerugged 08/04/2017.

Hopefully, no one.

Gilgamesh 08/04/2017.

Jimmy Hoffa

My Black Legs Matter 08/04/2017.

PocahontASS for the loss

Summertime 08/04/2017.

Just wait and see.You betcha we will have a good one.. Just you wait and see.

The Republicans have a million and one problems. They have nothing to offer the American people.

kenneth 08/04/2017.

It is to early to say..

junebaby 08/04/2017.

I hope its Elizabeth Warren,I would luv Bernie but he will be too old according to him and he doesn't want to again