If Hillary has run against a gay Republican candidate in 2016 , who would have won?

Andrew 08/21/2017. 10 answers
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10 Answers

Jon 07/31/2017.

As a Christian, I am sad to say this, but I think even conservative evangelical Republicans would have voted for a gay man...or woman. They sold their souls to the dark side long ago.

William 07/31/2017.

The gay Republican . Most Americans do not approve of Hillary just because she is a lesbian.

dr.pepper106 07/31/2017.

If the Gay person is a man he wins.

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

What makes you think she didn't?

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

Has? Too many typos you dumb fukc

Kevin 07/31/2017.

She would lose.

Michael 07/31/2017.

Hillary lost to Trump so that pretty much proves she's capable of losing to anybody.

W.T. Door 07/31/2017.

The gay Republican candidate.

yogicskier 07/31/2017.

I have a feeling that anybody could have beaten her, but GOPers would never run a gay presidential candidate.

deplorables have won 07/31/2017.

im pretty sure she could have run against a box of rocks, and the rocks would win.