Will Alaska lure a MLB team if they agree to build a beautiful retractable-domed stadium?

Anonymous 08/15/2017. 11 answers
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PackerBacker2013 08/01/2017.

I don't think that'd be possible. Population is just too small

Bert Weidemeier 08/08/2017.

No, I don't see that happening, and for that matter there is no minor league baseball there either.

Bob 08/08/2017.

No they will not, the population is too small.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought! 08/01/2017.

No. Population is small (it would immediately be the smallest market). You'd need an owner willing to buy an existing team, pay to break the lease and then figure out a way to fool Alaska taxpayers to buy that new retractable dome stadium (30+ years of history shows these deals are uniformly terrible for the cities/states).

db 08/01/2017.

Maybe I'm not from Alaska. The issue is if they have to play a playoff game in October i,m guessing from what i know about Alaska is there probably would be a snow issue which would keep teams from traveling up there and if you get a cancellation because they cannot fly in it is only going to get colder snowier and iceier making it unfair to the other teams.

So for that reason alone no.

In other news you do have you own NASCAR track if you want to see mainstream professional sports in Alaska [ Nascar.com Link ]

The Nikki Bella 08/01/2017.

No states dont own teams

Statler 08/01/2017.


Alaska - no, states do not own MLB teams

MLB team - no, Alaska's population wouldn't support a fan base. Travel to/from Anchorage is a disadvantage. Mariners travel furthest of all MLB teams due to home field in Seattle.

18 gibbs 20 08/01/2017.

Not unless some faster form of travel gets invented.

David 08/01/2017.

It takes a lot more than a stadium to support a professional baseball team.

Chipmaker Authentic 08/01/2017.

Population (approximate) of Milwaukee metro area, typically noted as the smallest population of any MLB city, and certainly still riding on its "poor, downtrodden Small Market" rep: 1.5 million.

Population (approximate) of Anchorage: 400,000. Roughly a quarter of Milwaukee.

Until such time as global climate change melts the polar caps, floods Florida, warms Alaskan winters, and drives people and soaking-wet baseball teams to relocate to the 49th, Major League Baseball will not have a significant presence there.

Big 08/01/2017.

Will never happen