What do you think of this photography?

Anonymous 08/17/2017. 15 answers
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Art 08/03/2017.

It's a photograph, not particular good. I have 500 like it.

John 08/03/2017.

Crap - why on earth did you even bother with it?

keerok 08/03/2017.

Two stops lower and it would have been grand!

Forty Licks 08/03/2017.

Just O K.

Frank 08/03/2017.

It is okay for a snapshot. If your intent was to not take a snapshot, but instead to create a photograph, then the image falls short for various reasons.

First, the image is not properly exposed. The lines/shapes of the elements within the image all flow horizontally, but you decided to shot it in the vertical - Why? The Sun is placed very low in the frame which means that there's a lot of negative space occupying about 75% of the shot.

When trying to make a landscape photo, keep in mind that you need to find a scene with an interesting element(s) in the foreground, middle ground, back background. Look at the scene and how the lines and shapes of each element are arranged. If they are moving left to right, as they are in your shot, then consider shooting the scene in the horizontal or landscape orientation. If they're moving up/down, then consider using the vertical or portrait orientation. To do this, it really helps to see your objects not in literal terms, but as shapes, lines and forms. Using leading lines in the foreground is a great way of leading your viewer''s eye into the frame, and by doing so, it creates/adds depth to the image.

Shooting landscapes, especially sunsets, is an extremely popular subject. Millions are made each and every day, so you have to expect that unless your shot is somehow unique and spectacular, it's just going to get lost among the noise of the other million sunset shots.

Getting a spectacular and unique shot is much easier said than done. Most people wouldn't be able to even describe an example of such a landscape shot let alone photograph one. So in order to help you know what constitutes a great landscape shot, you must be reviewing the great works of the great landscape photographers. Take a look at Ansel Adams and Monet. Both used different mediums, but both were masters of the landscape. David Muench is another great landscape photographer as was Galen Rowell. Study their work and the work of others. Don't waste your time with flickr or facebook. You need to spend your time studying the masters. Doing this will build up your own visual library from which you can borrow ideas to incorporate into your own personal work.

ProfGene.Togolot 08/03/2017.

Its a nice scene but the photo is murky no detail.

Jay 08/03/2017.

I know what you are trying to say....

"GODDIDIT"! Am I close?

Is that your best shot?

Ruth 08/03/2017.

It's very pretty. Did you take the picture?

ALL HAIL JESUS! 08/03/2017.

The skies declare God's glory....

Stupid people, not so much.

Roshan 08/03/2017.

It's pretty good. Use auto-tuning on the snapseed app (free) and play around with the filter son there to make it look much better.

Lapiz Dominoes 08/03/2017.

Its okay.

Corey 08/03/2017.

Pretty good. There's a flare or something below the sun, in the trees. Is that intentional, or just hard to avoid with your lenses.

Fireball 08/03/2017.


Gangster Ghost 08/03/2017.


Giggety 08/03/2017.

'S purdy.