Why can't the British say SORRY for destroying the world through their greedy stupid empire?

Anonymous 08/13/2017. 26 answers
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staisil 08/06/2017.

Prove that Great Britain did more harm than good.

Bill 08/06/2017.

The British are just about the most uppity people on Earth and they brainwashed the stupid Canucks, Aussies etc into thier BS. Im glad we Americans broke free!

Scorleo 08/06/2017.

So I've gotta apologize for what a few politicians did over 100 years ago?? Fair enough, I'm very sorry for what I did and for what the rest if Britain did most of whom weren't even born until the empire collapsed

Danny 08/06/2017.

Because you ate them all

C.G. 08/06/2017.

The same can be asked of Spain, Germany, France, the Soviet Union, and the US... all larger countries have caused problems around the world.

Mercury 08/06/2017.

Your clueless posts just make you look stupid.

armouror 08/06/2017.

Stupid sounds like another American who is Jealous because they could Not Join the Commonwealth of Nations

Like all of the Former colonies Did Oh Except the USA

John 08/06/2017.

The whole world you live in was built by the British.

You wear British fashion, shirt, trousers (pants) shoes socks etc.

The Electricity that powers everything is because of the British invention, of dynamos and alternators. The Computers you use were invented by us, the World Wide Web was a British invention.

Britain abolished Slavery in early 1800s and then enforced its abolition after 1830s, long before the US civil war. We acquired many of the African States to stop Slavery because the Black Africans and Muslims tried to continue slaving, no apology needed.

Much of the Empire was acquired from the French, who tried to stop everyone trading, Britain kept those trade routes open.

India was run by the Moghuls, which basically meant that unless you were high caste, you didn't exist. The British introduced equality of Law to India, so that even the Dalits (untouchables or lowest of the low) had access to justice, plus we built their rail system which meant they had a chance to improve their lives, and left them Democracy, India is the largest Democracy in the world, and knowt to do with USA.

Australia had no Laws, no farming and no infrastructure of any type, so there was no Country, Britain built Australia.

Now which bit of this don't you get.

Take away all the bits of the modern world and leave you with what was before?

So you want Britain to apologise to a troll like you lol

PS if you live in USA, check out PAYE in UK. What you work for a company, get paid a regular salary, and still have to fill out a form every year for tax

So you might as well live in the stone age ha ha

Best wishes from the country that built the modern world?

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

How does it feel to be posting questions that promote lies? Give it away, you pathetic wanker.

robert x 08/06/2017.

there are just two categories used to describe people with limited IQs,, moron, cretin and there is YOU.. the silliest stupidest dummy who's iq must be so low that the world largest fastest super computer when used to asses your ability couldnt find a a level about 01... which of course just about above that of a earth worm.

Eric 08/06/2017.

They kind of do

dndylnss 08/06/2017.

Exactly. Africa is left in decimation after colonization, for one example.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

because the white race is superior to all!!

Will B 08/06/2017.

xyzzy 08/06/2017.

Why should they? They were just trying to being civilization and knowledge to benighted parts of the world like India and Pakistan.

Cogito 08/06/2017.

Because it all happened hundreds of years ago; most of us are very ordinary working-class people so our ancestors had nothing to do with it anyway; the British did a lot of good as well; we did NOT destroy the world; the French, Spanish, Germans and Dutch did just as much - and what good would apologising do anyway?

To whom would we apologise?

Tina 08/06/2017.


Jackie m 08/06/2017.

What are the facts you have regarding our so called stupid empire? Who are we suppose to say sorry to?

Tim 08/06/2017.

Actually India got their train system from the British they helped India in some ways

poornakumar b 08/07/2017.

It is almost 72 years since the process of de-colonisation was set into motion. Don't you think it is too late?

Disciple 08/06/2017.

Show me the British Empire did more harm than good. Then ask the Russians and the Chinese to say sorry for /their/ empires. Then we can talk about African slavery in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

No I am not sorry because I am not responsible for doing those things.

I am British.

Yes it was wrong to do but I have no guilt because I did not do it.

Why should I feel bad

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Stupid idea. People alive today cannot re-do or take back something ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

Still whingeing about this.

Sir Caustic 08/06/2017.

Well, I'm British and I can say almost anything I want, so stick this up yer pipe: "Hi folks! Hi! Sorry for destroying the world through our greedy stupid empire! Sorry! Bye!".

Anonymous 08/06/2017.

British Empire did indeed take part in some evilness, but that's how empires worked. The British were building an empire. It was not that evil and did a lot of good for the world.