Smart car as a starter car for teen?

Nesha 08/14/2017. 28 answers
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Art 08/07/2017.

Too expensive even used. It's relatively safe but in my area you can buy a new car for the price of a 5 year old 2-4.

Adam 08/07/2017.

No. Its not a good Idea.

punchbuggy 07/31/2017.

it would seem like a smart choice?

Love big words 07/31/2017.

Amazingly, no

Dimo J 07/31/2017.

People that do not have a Smart Fortwo (everyone else here) seem to hate the little thing.

I bought a '13 Cabrio in June '16. I love the little thing.

Fuel mileage: [ Link ] Looks like people most get about 38 MPG.

I have gotten 33.5 MPG over 21 fuel ups. I drive "frisky" -- as a teenager will.

Safety: It is the toughest mini/micro made. "The principle safety system is a high tensile steel safety cage M-B calls "the tridion safety cell." It protects its occupants like a walnut shell around the nut inside. "

Teenage safety: A Corolla can hold 4 other teenager, and have your teen doing over 110 mph.

The Smart can only carry one other teenager, and has trouble doing 90 mph.

Reliability? You can go to [ Link ] and see what problems other Smart owners have had. I have my Smart for just over a year, my total service costs was $350.

Let's see.... stuff carry capacity (as if it matters for a teen.) I have a huge 24"x24"x10" (18" if stuffed) rolling suitcase. Fits just fine, with space for a airline carry on size suitcase, computer case, and camera case. Since I have the convertible, I was able to put a 7' tall Christmas tree in the passenger side. If I need more, I can get a trailer hitch and tow 1000 pounds behind.

Looking like an idiot? HA!! It is unique, cute. If female, your teenager will love it. If male, his girlfriends will love it, hence him as well. People stop and ask about the Smart.

Bottom Line: the Smart car is an excellent car for a teenage.

mustanger 07/31/2017.

It's one of the LEAST safe cars ever built. Should be called DUMB instead of smart.

Nomadd 07/31/2017.

Why? Is the teen being punished for something?

Passive Agresssor 07/31/2017.

When I was a teen, I got it done in an MG Midget.

Now, I'd rather have my kid surrounded by a lot of metal - even if it only gets 5 mpg - than in one of those little toy cars..........ever seen one that a truck or bus has run over?

Francis 08/08/2017.

Bad - expensive, handle very badly, any male will be laughing stock

Good - 2 seats , you won't have a car full of teenagers.

Chuckles 08/07/2017.

Smaller than a Civic. Same gas mileage as a Civic. Needs service at a Mercedes dealer. Costs as much as a Civic (new). If you compare everything, a Honda Civic, Honda Fit or Toyota Corolla are better choices.

Gordian B 08/07/2017.

no they are expensive do the finland way bike moped motorcycle rally racing bus truck then car

Jerry S 08/07/2017.

smart move

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

You let him earn the money working for somebody else so he can pay for the car and the car insurance "in FULL"plus maintenance and fuel costs and tires, etc...and then I don't care what he buys. He can start with a Ferrari. No skin off my nose.

If you mean the Mercedes SmartForTwo car, then they do pretty good in car crashes as they are basically a roll cage with a motor. Check YouTube.

. still, the part about him earning all the money FIRST AND pay CASH holds true.

River Euphrates 07/31/2017.

Are you asking if a 'Smart Car' would be good for a teen, or are you asking what a 'smart' car would be for a teen?

Something used, preferably already dinged up a bit would be best for a teen, since they are probably going to hit at least a few things while getting used to driving.

goege 07/31/2017.

No please don't get a smart car that's honestly one of the worst choices you can make

mccoyblues 07/31/2017.

Smart cars aren't very smart. A Toyota Corolla is a better choice. More reliable, just as economical and holds more passengers and cargo.

Never 07/31/2017.

Bad idea.They are not good cars.

Tim 07/31/2017.

If your ok with looking like a idiot

Rahul 08/07/2017.

no its a bad idea!

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

an all electric smart for two will be a good car for a teen :)

why a two seater but not a 4 seater, is because a teen doesnt need four seats and people will not try that much to use the teen to haul their stuff. then the teen will easier find parking lots at school with a small car like that smart for two, inside its made roomy for the driver although its outwardly so small, reduced to the max as their advertisement says.

bad thing is their combustion engines are to sensitive and get damaged to early and they are very critical with the oil too and the factory service is practially non existent but that isnt a problem with the all electric drive that has no combustion engine.

the smart for two is build very rigid, the passanger-cell doesnt crumble or crumbles only very little, in crash tests and accidents it bounces to the side to adsorb the energy from the sudden stop as in a crash.

Geezer 07/31/2017.

It has its flaws----read the reviews in Consumers Digest ( 2017 issue) magazine---go get a Nissan Volt or Volkswagen 'Golf' instead----

Jay P 07/31/2017.

For a teenager it's not bad at all. My reasoning is that is that it is not a very fast vehicle ( acceleration nor top speed ) so a new/teen driver won't be tempted to race or lose control during high speed driving.

STEPHEN 07/31/2017.

Small, slow, cheap. For teen new drivers the insurance usually costs more than the car.

Windowphobe 07/31/2017.

You could do worse, and most people will.

Scott 07/31/2017.

Great idea until you get t-boned by an Expedition or lifted pickup truck.

boy boy 07/31/2017.

I own a garage in uk ...and been around cars for close to 60 years ...and have owned well over 100...the smart is made by Mercedes ...and its chassis is like a rolling ball ...I dont like them as cars but they have the strongest safety cage of any car on the road ...I have seen films where they drove two cars ..a Vauxhall and a smart car into a solid concrete wall at 70mph ...the Vauxhall was totally destroyed and all occupants were dead ...the smart car remained intact ..even the doors opened and shut ..however all occupants will have been killed cant survive 70-0 in a split second ..your own organs crush you yes its a safe car ...and in uk they all get over 40mpg`s ...but a teenagers car?? not in my lifetime

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

What about it? This isn't a question you've posted. It's not even a complete sentence. Try again.

Ian K 07/31/2017.

They don't get great gas mileage for the size. Can't really haul anything, expensive to repair...

Not to mention are hard to see on the road...

Basically about the worst choice for a new driver.