Is it unfair to non-whites and females that almost all white males were trapped or were fighting and dying at Dunkirk?

Jackboot 08/21/2017. 14 answers
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Is it unfair that almost all white males were trapped or were fighting and dying at Dunkirk, so that any movie or documentary about the battle would be so "white" and "masculine"? Or should the armies of the time have reached out to more non-whites to participate, so that historical...

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John 07/31/2017.

You've been on reading USA today or been on Twitter and seen the idiot Brian Truitt and his silly comments about the film 'Dunkirk'. The jokes on half wit Truitt, because it is clear he is so stupid he doesn't know that 'Dunkirk was a real Historical event.

There are parts of his review where you think hey this guy's got the measure, and then you realise he actually thinks it is a piece of fiction. And by adding this bit about diversity, one suddenly realises, what a stupid doylem Brian Truitt is.

And USA Today has paid this useless twerp money?

Joe Mac 07/31/2017.

Yes, it's also unfair that almost all of the people killed on D-Day were white men so I think we should re-enact these events and let women and non-whites storm the beaches under fire so they don't feel left out. Women and non-whites want to die in war to show that what they want is equality in all areas.

Mercury 07/31/2017.

You must be very stupid to post such nonsense.

armouror 07/31/2017.

the British army had Indians Africans Asians all served in the British army in the UK

so we had people with all kinds of Nationalities the females were sent home early before France fell

PAMELA 07/31/2017.

You tell the story as it was.

Brigalow Bloke 07/31/2017.

Of about 400,000 soldiers on the beach over the few days of the evacuation, about 500 were French colonial coloured troops. There might have been a few dozen British soldiers from a Jamaican / Trinidad background but migration of people from around there to the UK did not really start until the 1960s.

You may as well go looking for Cherokee in Auckland, New Zealand. You might find some after a few days search.

I'm way to the left of any US parties but I acknowledge facts.

robert x 07/31/2017.

I think you will find that he BEF (British expeditionary force) was made of just regular British Troops.. who were white,, there may have been French north Africans in the French forces, and i think that the film may even show a few. Women were not in the BEF to any great extent

Anonymous 07/31/2017.

Perhaps you should actually read some history in real books instead of being informed by movies.

Then you wouldn't appear the intellectual equal of a dead fly.

Mike 07/31/2017.

The movie left out all the Indian soldiers trapped at Dunkirk.

Daniel 07/31/2017.

tell you what, if blacks or women decided to fight the nazi's we will put them in the movie. Until that happens we will keep it historically accurate. To see the bravery of white men

poornakumar b 08/07/2017.


emu567550 07/31/2017.

I didn't watch the movie it, damn it I need to to watch it.

Gigapie 07/31/2017.

You fcuking idiot, the British and French armies contained LOTS of people from Africa, the West Indes, and (in the British case) India.

The film failed to show the large number of colonial troops that were at Dunkirk.

You're a typically ignorant racist fuckbag.

Charlesetta 07/31/2017.

Please stop displaying your incredible stupidity.