Dont you think baseball is boring?

Anonymous 08/15/2017. 20 answers
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db 08/01/2017.

That's an interesting question. First, i want to ask you have you ever been to a Major League game and second played in a game. If you have not I get where you are at watching it on t.v. can be boring.

But watching it with your fellow fans in the stadium. Being entranced by every call and boing when you think the call is wrong. Cheering with your fellow fans is a ball.

And playing it is beyond awsome its fun since it builds comradery and teamwork as well as lasting friendships

carlos 08/01/2017.

I think baseball is better to watch live. Having a beer and hotdog. Football is great to watch on tv all the camera angles replays you can't get watching it live. That's probably why it's the number one sport to watch plus it's only on a few days a week. Baseball has a game almost every day. Baseball has only big markets New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Football is popular in smaller markets Denver, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Kansas City.

Tad Dubious 08/01/2017.

No, I do not think baseball is boring.

Tootoy 08/01/2017.

No, baseball isn't boring. But when I see people biting their fingernails I think they're bored.

Bob 08/01/2017.

No I don't, if you do, don't watch it, or are you the kind of person that just likes to complain,or came here to make trouble-AKA a troll.The fact that you choose to ask this while hiding in anonymous like a coward tells me that you are likely a troll.

David 08/01/2017.

Baseball is never boring.

Marduk 08/01/2017.

The only sport I like is curling. The rest are boring.

nezhtal 08/01/2017.

Nobody who watched last nights Red Sox - Indians game could think that.

sion 08/01/2017.

Not half as boring as test's worse than watching paint dry.

buddyboy 08/08/2017.

Some days it's boring for me other days not so much

Periferalist 08/01/2017.

Not compared to golf.

Big 08/01/2017.

Not as boring as trolls like bob,here,or anonymous,who insult others..

Anonymous 08/01/2017.

At times it can be, but it's still a great sport.

18 gibbs 20 08/01/2017.

Baseball is boring only to thosr who dont fully understand and appreciate its beauty and subtleties. I believe it's the best sport ever.

Grundoon 08/01/2017.


I always have.

Norman 08/01/2017.

They spend more time posing than playing.

I call it like I see it 08/01/2017.

Very much so.

Anonymous 08/01/2017.

No, but it can be boring to watch on TV.

Richard 08/01/2017.

I find it aggravating, especially with the long commercial breaks between pitching changes.

cpc26ca 08/01/2017.

I think most sports are boring to watch. It's more fun to play them. Other than that, I do like watching post-season sports, especially when your home team is the defending NBA champs.