I have an older Dell computer with XP on it. It won't be able to handle Windows 10 but can I upgrade to Windows 8?

Delta/Bravo 08/19/2017. 10 answers
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Robert J 08/05/2017.

No, unless it had ludicrously high specifications when new.

Vista, 7, 8 & 10 are all internally "Windows V6" with different user interfaces and minor tweaks. They have generally similar requirements, all of which are too high for a typical machine supplied with XP from new.

XP SP3 is an excellent system. Give it a clean up with ccleaner and mydefrag and it should be fine.

Also see here: [ Zdnet.com Link ]

Anonymous 08/05/2017.

Better to stick with xp or just upgrade to windows 7 (means go +1 step) else u might trip n fall

The_Doc_Man 08/05/2017.

When XP was out, most desktops and laptops used the large memory model (not the VERY LARGE model) for physical RAM configurations. This limits how much memory you can have in the machine. I'm guessing that, if maxed out, your machine would not be able to go above 4 Gb of RAM (and actually not that much because the old small memory model is used for bootstrapping so there is a small chunk missing from the memory space for boot operations.) It is likely that Win 8 (and 8.1) will not like so restrictive a space.

brayden 08/05/2017.

Look at this link with the system requirements and see if you have them.

[ Microsoft.com Link ]

Most XP computers don't have enough RAM, processor, or graphics card to run Win 8. But the above link will give you the info for you and then you compare it to what you have so you will know. Personally I wouldn't waste the time buying Win 8 (it's not free by the way) because it was junk IMO. After you get done buying the necessary hardware to upgrade your old computer, plus buying Win 8 (if you can even find it anywhere still for sale) you will have spent money to buy a new computer as computers are dirt cheap these days.

Smokies Hiker 08/05/2017.

I'm not sure that Microsoft is even issuing licenses for Windows 7 or 8 at this point. They want everyone using Windows 10 now.

Aerialnine 08/05/2017.

You'd be better off with windows 7.....getting any needed drivers should not be a problem...

Paulo 08/05/2017.

Do not do it. The windows 8 is terrible. It have very bugs.

ari 08/05/2017.

No don't even think about it it will break your graphics driver and it won't run worth a darn stick with Windows 7

Higgy Baby 08/05/2017.

You might get Lubuntu or Linux Lite to run on it.....and those are some pretty good OS's.

Perhaps you could update your question with some specs?

Like "

Dell Demsnsion L750

866 mhz processor

500 mb ram

that kind of stuff.........

Taco Dance 08/05/2017.

Not likely, it depends on the specs.