Am I crazy or were the allies the bad guys in the war?

Gundar 08/20/2017. 16 answers
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Communism was worse than nazism for example and they were considered allies in many sources.

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John P 08/06/2017.

In all wars bad things are done by some forces on all sides - that is the nature of war, when men (chiefly men, let's face it) are tensed up for long periods. Indeed German cities were far more damaged by British and American bombing than British cities were damaged by German bombing.

But I think you are asking about the fact that the "Allies" in WW2 consisted of Britain and dominions, various anti-Nazis from various nations (many Poles) who has escaped to Britain, and much later the USA, were allied to communist Russia (also later, but not as late starting as the USA, and forced into it by the German attack on Russia)

And note that immediately WW2 had finished, Russia became the enemy of "The West" and the West quickly had to convert Germany into the bulwark against Russian expansion in eastern Europe, once the West had rooted out the chief Nazis and punished them.

Luke 08/06/2017.

The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

The communists were our enemies. The Nazis were their enemies. That didn't make the Nazis our friends.

Believe me, Churchill and Roosevelt already knew Stalin was a monster before World War II ended.

iansand 08/06/2017.

The winners are never the bad guys. It is one of those strange quirks of history. In the same way as there are no war criminals on the winning side.

Joe Mac 07/30/2017.

How was invading Poland and putting people in death camps standing for German independence? It's debatable to say the commies were worse than Nazis, they were pretty much the same but the USSR was only an ally because they were the enemy of our enemy.

bluebellbkk 07/30/2017.

You are crazy.

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Dequanto 07/30/2017.

You are not crazy. The reason why Nazis (National Socialists) are far more lambasted than the brutal USSR regime is because the primary target of the Nazis was Jews. Jews are vastly over-represented in academia and business. In fact, Jews constitute merely 2% of America's population yet compose nearly 50% of US billionaires. This is not antisemitism. In fact, this is quite admirable. They use their potency to influence public opinions. That is why politicians are always alluding to Israel. They are pandering to the rich Zionist Jews, yearning for donation money. Jews were vastly over-represented among European communist movements. Look up the Political Bureau of the Soviet Union. 5 of the 7 people who laid the logistics down for the construction of the communist state were verifiable Jewish. The failed German Revolution of 1918 was almost exclusively led by Jews. Look up the names if you don't believe me. This is why Hitler detested Jews. He viewed them as malicious people who aspired to implode his people culturally and politically.

A lot of the answers people gave you are deceptive and utterly untruthful. When the USSR invaded Poland, coerced the relinquishment of Moldova, and annexed the Baltic states, neither the UK nor France retaliated. That's because they were allied with Russia since WW1. The Axis powers feared that the Germans would eventually surpass them financially and militarily and hence did everything they could to avert this. The Germans were a threat to their prolonged control over Europe. Truth be told, Germany invaded Poland to get their land back. After WW1, Germany was unfairly obliged to surrender their land to Poland. Look up Germany's boundaries prior to WW1. Much of this land had German-speaking population and was ethnically German. The German minority, which was now part of Poland, were oppressed by the Poles, much like how minorities were historically persecuted. After Germany reclaimed its land, France and the UK instigated WW2 by declaring war on Germany.

I could write so much more, but I don't have the time to.

Incidentally, I'd highly recommend watching this video. It's a secret recording that should have never existed.

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Anonymous 07/30/2017.

Not crazy just starved of attention, and possibly oxygen when you were a baby.

cymry3jones 07/30/2017.

During WW2 the allied powers against the Germans (Nazis) were the UK, the French, the USSR and, as of Dec. 11th 1941, the US.

If you want to argue, France capitulated in 1940 and set up the 'pro'- German government in Vichy.

The 'Free French Army continued to fight in it's North African colonies and, under Charles de Gaulle, from England.

Anti Communism paranoia really got under way in 1950, instigated by Senator Joe McCarthy. Hence the term McCarthyism.

Nazis? Neutral? Annexation of Austria, and the Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia) and then, the bridge too far, Poland.

robert x 07/30/2017.

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Billy T 07/30/2017.

You re crazy. Nazi's are more evil than Communists. Germany was not bullied. That any western country could commit the holocaust is disgusting and a stain on their existence forever.

John 08/06/2017.

Whitewashing Hitler is bad enough but whitewashing the Allies is also pretty bad. This was not a simple war between Good and Evil. That's a primitive misconception. Both sides had their ups and downs, good and bad peoples.

Churchill and Roosevelt wanted Germany and Russia to go at each other's throats. Hence why they stood back and did nothing as Hitler seized territory.

Tina 08/06/2017.

Yes, you are crazy if you believe that. By the way, the Nazis began WW2 in alliance with the Russians, until Hitler broke faith and invaded Russia, so where does that leave you?

Bob 07/30/2017.

the Russian component of the allies were bad guys.

Doc 07/30/2017.

They won. That's what matters.

Gerald 07/30/2017.

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Metalplanttag 07/30/2017.

You do know the reason the Soviets became allies was because Hitler invaded Russia?

Germany was not bullied, but after starting world war 1 they were under severe sanctions because of the millions they killed and the damage they did to the rest of Europe.

The Nazis were in no way "neutral" but pure evil. They wanted to set up a greater Germany with a pure bloodline divorced from religion and capitalism and were willing to heartlessly kill millions of people to do it.