I'm not a fan of Donald Trump but how exactly could Russia have interfered with the 2016 American elections? Unless they bought the?

Hard Times 08/19/2017. 11 answers
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electoral college, how could they have pulled it off? And where is the evidence that Russia interfered with the elections?

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William 08/05/2017.

Because they hacked the paper ballots in Wyoming.

JUDAS PRIEST 08/05/2017.

payoffs and bribes work well enough for congressmen, so why not anyone else?

Anonymous 08/05/2017.

There's two main ways that Russia interfered with the election. They did not hack the vote in states or by off the Electoral College or anything like that. What they did do was Mount what was essentially a propaganda campaign. The most spectacular thing which they did was the hacking of the email accounts of the DNC and John podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, as well as some other Democratic email accounts. They've been selectively released these emails in a way designed to embarrass Clinton in the Democrats. For example, the day before the Democratic Convention they released email showing DNC staffers talking trash about Bernie Sanders. The other thing they did is use bot networks to promote fake stories on social media. Some of these stories were from their own propaganda Outlets such as RT and Pravda While others were from other fake news outlets. This effort, which is gotten less attention and only really made headlines after the election, may I actually prove more important for the ongoing scandal. For people who allege that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, there's always been the issue of exactly what Trump is supposed to have done. What help is he supposed to have given the Russians in their campaign to influence the election? One theory is that the Trump campaign use their sophisticated data operation to allow the Russians to micro target voters in swing States.

I think the mainstream media has done a terrible job and explaining the evidence that Russia interfered in the election. Mostly what they've done is appeal to Authority by noting that over a dozen American agencies have concluded that the Russians did this. That's certainly true, but there's also actual evidence. For example the malware on the DNC computers was traced back to an internet address which have been used in previous Russian hacking attempts in other countries. They also used hacking techniques and now we're packages which no rush and State hackers of previously used. What is cyber security firms which Democrats hired noted that the hackers who had intruded on to their Network seem to bee active during the Russian work day and often were inactive on Russian state holidays. When the documents were leaked, several of them had medidata showing that they had been opened on machines with Cyrillic language settings, and even run through Russian translation programs. There's other evidence as well, which is been more widely reported in the computer security press. Suffice it to say, if it wasn't the Russians it was someone going to an awful lot of trouble to make it look like it was the Russians in a pretty sophisticated way.

Flower 08/05/2017.

Through social media, which is open and free to anyone to say what they wish. Talking against Hillary does not amount to colluding with Trump. Whatever Russian hackers or officials may have done, is nothing compared to what the U.S. does to other countries to influence their politics. The U.S. does hacking, spying, bribing, wiretapping, through the CIA and State Dept. around the world. Whatever Russians did or did not do, to put more sanctions against the country is more than punitive, it is greedy by the U.S. and is hostile by the U.S. There is no reason to respond this way. The U.S. fomented revolution in Ukraine, and has tried to overthrow the Venezuelan government, and a dozen other places, not to mention overt military operations which have destroyed several countries and caused the refugee crisis.

darrin b 08/05/2017.

Propaganda for one.

By releasing Podesta's e-mails, the Russians ticked off a lot of Bernie Sanders' voters.

The Russians also hacked into voters' registration databases. Now who knows what they did there to keep people from being able to vote.

Anonymous 08/05/2017.

Suuuuuuure you are Kremlin troll without access to Google or any of the hundreds of news articles published in the last year detailing how and why it happened. The GOP says it happened. Nobody denies it happened, except Trump himself.

Anonymous 08/05/2017.

We don't have all the information from the classified reports from our intelligence community. Congress has committees that have much more. Congress overwhelmingly has voted for extreme sanctions due to Russian interference with the election (and it's a republican congress).

please read

[ Newsweek.com Link ]


korban 08/05/2017.

Well you see my son they didn't. But CNN/other medias loves the hot gossip and loves to trash trump to boost ratings from milenials. Old people will watch the news or they won't, but the youth is still choosing.

Eric The Woodshed 08/05/2017.

The key incidents are the DNC hacks into their email accounts. That's stolen property, which is a felony. The Russians AND/OR the Trump campaign doctored some of the email content and then anonymously laundered the emails through wikileaks. If the Trump campaign knew they were getting stolen property, that's a bunch of felonies.

sats 08/05/2017.

According to the libs, the Russians advertised on social media. Kind of like the MSM did to promote Hillary except MUCH, MUCH smaller scale. Considering that the libs are brain dead and therefore easily brainwashed they believe that the rest of the country is as easily swayed. Not to mention it's only ok when it goes their way.

Jared 08/05/2017.

Russia interfered with the 2016 American elections in two ways:

1) They illegal obtained (probably hacked) DNC e-mails and got them in front of Bernie fans to chip away at Clinton's base; and

2) They flooded the social networks with entirely fabricated anti-Clinton propaganda for weeks before the election, making up ridiculous stories like "Clinton runs a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor."