Why did the USA not do airstrikes in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars but did in World Wars and Gulf Wars? Also did they in Vietnam War?

Adamismyname 08/20/2017. 16 answers
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Ted K 07/30/2017.

George Washington did not acknowledge the potential value in airpower. General Benedict Arnold tried to convince him otherwise, but when Washington refused to authorize tactical air support, that's when Arnold chose to defect to the British. He was leaning in that direction anyway, because he had always wanted to fly Spitfires and Mosquitos.

At the very start of the Civil War, a single Confederate missile strike destroyed not only the North's only aircraft factory, but all the tooling and plans for the aircraft. It also killed all the inventors and engineers. Luckily for the North, that was the South's only missile, and its steam-powered launcher was irreparably damaged during launch.

Any other questions about our glorious aviation history, just ask.

Nancy 07/30/2017.

ummm...check the books, dear...you'll find there were no aircraft prior to WW1

staisil 07/30/2017.

The technology was not available during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Rob 07/30/2017.

Is this a legitimate question? The technology needed for airstrikes --- namely, aircraft that could quickly fly away from possible retaliation from the gound --- did not exist before WW1.

billy 07/30/2017.

The secret of manned flight has been realized in Muslim Spain during the Golden age of the Islamic Race. However, upon the Christian conquest, the Muslims where executed, their golden age in Spain ended, and the documents recording the Man who could Fly burned, and anyone who dared try to find out never to be seen again. For centuries, even through the Revolution and Civil War, a man flying has been nothing more than a fantasy, but that was before the legendary Wright Bros., two warriors who pledged to bring humans back to the skies.

First the Wright Bros. traveled to Spain in hope of finding one who knew the secret. In the outskirts of Madrid, capital of the Spanish Empire that has since taken over the world, they found an old witch sitting by an ancient crematorium, one in which she stated that books of magic have been burnt. She says that a prophecy exists of two men who, with the help of an ancient sage, shall bring humanity to the skies that where walked by the men of old. The witch used time-warping powers to rip out from the past a book detailing the secrets of human flight.

The Wright Brothers, after many further quests and adventures in the jungles of Spain, returned home, where they tested their new powers at KittyHawk, ruled by a race of were-cats who ate birds of prey. While at first they had trouble since they had no assistance, the Brothers applied technology with the help of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin to the spell, and invented the Airplane.

This happened 60 years after the civil war, and therefore led to World War One being the first war thought in the skies.

Billy T 07/30/2017.

In reverse order: yes, airstrikes were used in the Vietnam War. Senator John McCain was a navy pilot shot down over Vietnam and captured. Also, B-52's figured prominently in Vietnam.

The Civil War - airstrikes? Wow. Wouldn't that have been wicked cool if the US Civil War had happened in the 1940's - with tanks and planes and machine guns?

The US Revolution: Britain had all the advanced weaponry (early in the war, the colonial army didn't even have bayonets.) If there had been airstrikes in the 1770's, it would have been the UK bombing American positions. (Again, wicked cool thought.)

cymry3jones 07/30/2017.

History obviously doesn't figure large where you went to school. The first use of planes in war was in 1911 by the Italians against the Turks.

The US War of Independence was fought between Apr 19, 1775 – Sep 3, 1783. The US Civil War was fought between 1861–65.

Airstrikes were used during WW1 and increasingly in World War 2, the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars, in Afghanistan and so on and so forth.

Murzy 07/30/2017.

the airplane was not yet invented

Ian 07/30/2017.

lol - thats funny.

Perhaps they couldn't get the horses to jump high enough when carrying bombs.

Daniel 07/30/2017.

they were still developing on how to make horses fly and drop napalm bombs

jl 07/30/2017.

Passenger pigeons couldn't carry that much weight, and eagles couldn't be trained

daylily61 07/30/2017.

This can't possibly be a serious question 😨

Grandma 07/30/2017.

The feather suits (tac-ultra light 1800) were too fast to function practically. They would break the sound barrier and cause damage to the operator and injury due to lack of hi tech hearing protection.

In conclusion you could say it was way too much weapon for the sittuation... a weapon of mass destruction, if you will. It also risked blowing out the power grid due to such large sonic boom to trigger an emp and knock them back 200 years.

Therefor if knocked back 200 years they would have to face native americans, causing further resistance....

Who 07/30/2017.

they did - but they were shot out of the sky with missiles (rocks fired from catapults) cos they couldnt fly high

It was only later when planes could fly high enough to avoid the rocks did they succeed

Technically they didnt in the vietnam war

they paid the chinese to do the airstrikes for them but the chinese were cr//p - thats why the US lost the vietnam war

Bookbinder 07/30/2017.

There's always one who comes up with a dumb question.

R T 07/30/2017.

Are you serious? Airplanes weren't invented until just before WW I.