Who are the Mother of the Arabs and who are the Mother of the Jews?

Anonymous 08/18/2017. 5 answers
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John P 08/04/2017.

"Who is is...and who is" Both mothers are single persons.

staisil 08/04/2017.

Hagar and Sarah respectively.

cymry3jones 08/04/2017.

Eve? Just a guess.

Tommy Vercetti 08/04/2017.

Hagar Egyptian mother of the Arabs

Sarah Canaan mother of the Jews. its not that hard to know.

billy 08/04/2017.

The Two Queens are Biblical AND Quranic figures blessed with ancient magic. The First Queen, mother of the Jews, had the ability to walk on water and multiply foodstuffs, a trait which would pass on to her descendant Jesus Christ.The Second Queen of the Arabs could wield fire, air and smoke and won the love of both the Arabs and Persians, who helped to train her in her magical arts. She eventually became the Grandmother of Muhammad, guide and prophet to the Arab people, hence her title.